Thursday, March 09, 2006

A few pics!!

As if you all haven't seen enough pics from California!! Here are a couple more....two of them thanks to Liana:) The top one is Crystal, Me, Liana, and Jessica!! Playing dress up!! It was way to much fun! The second one is all of us and Mike Colon at Disneyland!! We were bored in line so what are a whole bunch of photographers going to do??? TAKE PICTURES!!!! lol!! We got a ton....many that will never be seen!! haha!! The last one is... take a wild guess by now!! Wearing
our very cute Mickey or should I say Minnie ears:)
Some changes will be happening on!!! So stay tuned!!


Natalie said...

HAHA!! Im gonna get here before JAKE!!! lol

Natalie said...

ps. ONCE AGAIN in the second pic you look like a midget compared to MC!! but maybe you are;) lol