Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Getting Old......

Well not really but I feel like it!!! Haha!! So here are some pics from the baby shower...I'm not going to post any from the actual shower because after looking at them....they really don't represent my work...cause I didn't take them!! LOL!!!! As you will see here... I'm am now teaching alllll of my friends how to be photographers!!! Even the models:)

-The above pics are of my friend Jessica(one of our awesome old neighbors) and I, Rebecca and I, and me and Victoria(my friend{aspiring photographer}and my assistant Jake's cousin)!!!


J@KE said...

Gosh you don't ever stop do you!!!!! You will convert the whole world by the time you are finished!!!!! God bless it!!!!

BTW You are getting old


Sarah Barlow said...

HAHA!! World domination by SAPPY photographers!!!!! LOL!!

....thanks for rubbing the age thing in...;) HAHA!!

Natalie said...