Thursday, September 06, 2007

Numbers, numbers, everywhere!

Today EVERYONE is in!! Morgan Matters, Kristen Snyder, and Brianna Coleman! We worked the whole morning on finances and some tax stuff which was FUN!! LOL! We have only 3 more days of training then I'm heading out for 2 weeks so my mind is spinning with everything that needs to get done but tonight should be nice all of us girls plus my other intern Beth are getting decked out and heading downtown for a fancy dinner and photoshoot! I'm soooo excited! I'm so blessed to be working with these amazing girls who are so incredibly talented! They are going to have the coolest photography businesses ever! I'm so excited to see where they go!!


Jamie Delaine said...

Sarah how much you give out is just amazing. I love your openness to teach and instill your knowledge into otheres! SO NEAT. I wish I lived closer to Chicago to be able hear some of these chats.

BethLaurren said...

I think I dreamt about chocolate cake last night....layers and layers of heaven.....

Ginger Murray said...

my mind spins with things that need to get done and inspiration and just everything, quite often!
Hope your To Do List is accomplished without too much stress.

Sometimes I get a little stressed out about things and I have a friend that always says this to me:
"There is always work undone.
We will DIE with work undone.
It is better that we should stop and draw a breath."

So just a reminder to take breaths in the midst of all your hard work, and remember to enjoy life and remember our purpose.
Your hard work is an inspiration. Thank you:)