Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My second home!

I'm sitting on a bathroom floor right now in a big warehouse watching my cousin get her cousins are heading out tonight for their tour with Toby Mac which is sooo exciting so they are all getting ready and of course it's perfect timing that I'm down here at the same time! I have to soak up all the time I can get with them! :)
I'm finally getting caught up with everything and downloading all my emails since Friday so I have ALOT to get caught up on! Ahh!
Santa Barbara was just simply amazing!! It was the perfect little vacation and DJ was apologizing for it being so crazy with construction being done at his house but coming from a family of 9 that was NOTHING! hehehe! We went swimming on Saturday and he dared me to jump off the balcony above the pool so not to be a wimp...I tried it and I was SOOOO freaked out but I did it and am so proud of myself now! :)
On Sunday my friend Bob Davis and I headed back down to LA to shoot the Fox Network Emmy after party in Beverly Hills! Bob invited me to come and shoot and of course I couldn't turn that down! It was an incredible experience, with Mindy Weiss(the coordinator for Eva Longoria's wedding) planning the event, Wolfgang Puck creating the food, and TONS of stars to shoot it was a photographers dream! Here's a shot of me with the famous shootsac!! :)
Well more fun to come I'll try to update more often! If I can just find some wireless!


jamiedelaine said...

Wow That looks so relaxing! What a gorgeous pool. Love the video of you; haha!

J@KE said...

Gosh you're my hero for taking the plunge. lol.

So now that you're all famous and stuff you probably won't have time for watching North&South with little meaningless photographers like me. No. No, I understand...... It's OK. If you ever have time you know my number.


Ginger Murray said...

Look at you, movie star!!
How exciting!

And that video rocks! You're so brave! I would have taken a long pause too. "'ll break your back." It is good to stop and think about things sometimes, haha!

BethLaurren said...

YOU WENT TO AN EMMY AFTER PARTY!?!?! I'm coming with you to LA next year :) I'm so jealous! I want to see photos!'re insane for jumping from that high. I would have had a heart attach mid-air!

Natalie Joy said...

jake:) Ill watch north and south with you!!! when is good for you???;)

c r y s t a l said...

You are so brave....much braver than I will ever be! haha! It sounds like you had a great time and got some much needed relaxation. And so cool that Bob asked you to help him out! What an honor!

Can't wait to hear about how the house buying is going! :)

Bob Davis said...

Hey Sarah,
I know how crazy you feel! Big changes, but remember to ask God to keep his hand on you, while you enjoy his blessings. It was awesome shooting with you, thank you! I enjoyed your creative style and approach to the Emmy shoot. Keep on keeping on.
Bob Davis

kennykimdotcom said...

wow what a great opportunity! hope you had lot of fun in LA! :-)

robin michelini said...

Hi I am coming over from Dawn and Bob Davis' blog to tell you that you did an awesome job. Love the photos!