Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Davenport wedding!!

On Sunday Morgan, Kristen and I shot Dana and Thomas's wedding! They had it at the INCREDIBLE Rockefeller Chapel which probably the most gorgeous church I've seen! And it was HUGE! The reception was at the Sheraton that looked out at the Chicago River and the absolutely perfect day!! But enough about where it was! This wedding was soooo fun! As I've said in a post before I love to dance but am not very good at it! That was definitely not the case at this wedding! At the reception practically everyone was on the dance floor and really cutting it up! I loved it!! They can REALLY move! I loved during the whole day how personal and laid back it was too! Dana and her bridesmaids choreographed a dance for the reception that was so perfect! :)
But all that aside, I loved watching Dana and Thomas together! Of course they're so in love...but they truly are so perfect for each other in every way and balance out each other amazingly! I know they're going to make a huge impact in this world!!
Here is they're slideshow!!! Enjoy!! :)

I'm finally out in LA now and it's been amazing so far!! I love hanging out here! I think I was pushing it too hard though because I kinda got sick this morning...:( I think it was my body telling me to rest for once!! LOL! But thankfully I'm feeling better now and ready to go full force into the next two days conference:) I'm excited! Plus..I'm accomplishing one of my dreamse tonight..I've always wanted to sleep under the stars so my new friend Sara and I are at my friend Shyla's house sleeping out on her deck! It's sooooo perfect! I could TOTALLLY live like this!! :)


Ben Dodds said...

Sarah- Great show...looks like that wedding was a BLAST!!! great job!

BethLaurren said...

I LOVE that neighborhood, and that church is absolutely gorgeous. My sister got married right around the corner from there!

I'm so glad you liked Dave and Laura's photos...I was THRILLED with how they turned out!!

Have fun under the stars! :)

Kevin Keith said...

Awesome wedding Sarah. I love your work!

mark said...

Dude those pics are AWESOME and you should DEF put them in your portfolio!
c u in 2 weeks!!!!!!

Emily DeWan Photography said...

What fun dancing! These are great!

J@KE said...

I know your life is too busy to hang out with me but I thought I'd let you know that these pictures are amazing! You did a great job.

Hope you're having fun in LA


Jessica C. Moritz said...

WOOAAHH!!! SARAH!!! These must be your BEST wedding images ever! I LOVE them.. so fun but also so magical!