Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Well I got permission to post the slideshow from the video shoot!!!
So here it is: **slideshow**


mark said...

that looks like it was allot of fun to shoot.
amazing as always sarah.

OpenSourcePhoto said...

I already told you this but - WOW! Those are awesome Sarah! Keep up the amazing work!

Shyla said...

Sarah Dearest...those were fantastic! I loved the location! I wanna go shoot there! I am so excited to see the video now

Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks guys!!!!!
No kidding Shyla!! I don't think they should tear that place down!:(
Actually I think they are turning it into retro apartments!! How cool is that??

Janet Pictor Martin said...

Great job Sarah!!! Too I couln't pick you up and bring you to Chattanooga. Love Ya! Aunt Janet

Janet Pictor Martin said...

Okay, that was my first stab at writing on a blog. I am an 80's girl you know. Computers. cell phones and microwaves were the size of refrigerators then.
I meant to say too BAD I COULDN"T pick you up and bring you to Chattanooga.
Did you ever get the ice scraper I left behind the tree in the snow at Dunkin Doughnuts? If not, go get it!!! Aunt Janet P.S. I need a web page Andrew.

J@KE said...

I'm totally NOT kidding when I say that you amaze me every time I see your stuff...... Gosh! would you teach me???? lol.

Truly you are my inspiration :-)


One Blank Canvas said...

Sarah!!! These shots are great... You totally ROCK!!!!

katie said...

Yeah, Sarah, I'd love to shoot there too...I can't wait to see the full video. Oh, wait...I just remembered, I wouldn't really know HOW to shoot there (considering i'm not a photographer) :) hehe!!
GREAT video!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks Aunt Janet!!! Yeah!! That would have been a blast to come there!!!!!! Oh man!! Well just gives me another excuse to come down!

Thanks Jake!!! Dude you'll be charging 10k for your own weddings in no time!

Thank you Greg! Can't wait to see some more of your pics!!

Wow KT!! So you're thinking of becoming a photographer????? Yeah I can't wait to see the video too!

Jasmine said...

Those were AWESOME, Sarah!! Wow...too beautiful.

Anna said...

awesome slideshow!!!

Evelyn Studios said...


Absolutely killer shots. I'm so bummed that I didn't get the chance to shoot with you this last Saturday. We'll definitely have to make it up some time soon.

Sarah Barlow said...

Thank you so much Jasmine and Anna!!
You guys are great!!

LORI!! Thank you!!
I know we got to plan something soon!! Can't wait!!

Holritz Photography said...

Sara. Wow.

You absolutely blow me away. That is SO incredibly amazing!

I am dying to see that video now!!!!

You were close to us eh? Man! WOuld have LOVED to have seen you... you should have popped over to Chattanooga!

Ebert Studio said...
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Ebert Studio said...


A- Ma- ZING! Where did you find those amazing models? ;-)


Miranda said...


Wow you are so talented! I'm from the Barlow Girl soundpost, btw. Great pictures! Looking forward to seeing the video! How much do you charge for taking pictures?

Miriam said...

sarah, you've got a fabulous eye. i'm so inspired. how did you like the one light workshop?