Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dude!! That's what I was thinking!!!!

I had one of the most incredible weeks/weekend!! It was so much fun!!! A group of us(David Jay[DJ], Lori Creech, Kevin VonQualen, my brother Andrew and I) went to an awesome conference on friday called Maximum Impact!! We learned a ton! But just hanging out was a blast!! I think we went to(and ate at) pretty much everywhere in Chicago!!...well not really but we jam packed every single day! It was great! hehe!
Here is an pretty dorky pic of DJ and I at like 2:30 in the morning...but it was the best one I had!! lol!

So on Saturday I did a wedding for two of our great friends Darnell & Shalita! It was so much fun!! Even though I was up until like 3 in the morning...I made it through the wedding still awake!(well partially!! hehe!) It was a beautiful wedding! And incredible because they saved their first kiss for their wedding day!!! How cool is that!!?? I've hardly ever heard of anyone who does I think that was pretty sweet!:) Here is the **slideshow**!!

Tonight I am typing from Nashville!! I had a last minute trip down here to shoot my cousins(Barlowgirl) videoshoot!!! Today we just totally chilled which was sooo refreshing!! Because we were actually supposed to do the shoot today but found out that it was supposed to rain(which it never!) but we needed the rest!:) I'll keep you all up to date!!


Tim Co. Photography said...

Cool ninja pic!

J@KE said...

Hay the link didn't work but the pic is totally cool; both the one of the wedding and you and DJ.

See ya,


OpenSourcePhoto said...

Sarah those wedding pictures are amazing! I really liked all the guy shots and the bride shot with the makeup mirror, and the bride just outside the doors, and....ok...I better stop or this could go on and on!

That picture of us is so cool! Remember "nerds are the new cool kids" ...and rock singers are the new nerds.

Andrew Barlow said...

"nerds are the new cool kids" ...and "rock singers are the new nerds."

Nice!!!! haha, yes, us nerds will eventually take over the world!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! lol

adam said...

drew then u woke up right lol

OpenSourcePhoto said...

Sarah! How funny - I just came back to your blog and was getting ready to post and then an email rang in and it was you posting on my blog! LOL - wow!

ok bye.

mark said...

slideshow looks great.
i feel so honored to have some of my pictures in the mix with yours.
i'm loving this photography thing, i think i'll keep doing it....hehe.

Sarah Barlow said...

DJ your so funny!
Did you get the text from Lauren??:)

Yeah Mark! Your pics deserved to be in the slideshow!! I'm so glad your liking the photography thing! Cause your great at it:)

OpenSourcePhoto said...

oh bummer! like a million orders came in while I was taking a nap and when that happens my text messages get buried but I just found it so I will write back.

:) She's so funny!

J@KE said...

Hay the link works!!!! musta just been my computer or something.

Great shots yoou guys!


Sarah Barlow said...

Oh bummer a million orders??????

Kevin Von Qualen said...

mwa hahaha!!! yes! I have "cool, laid back Sarah" on my blog :) Actually check out our youth blog! You are featured there too! A couple of my girls LOVE BarlowGirl so I linked your slideshow. I told them you might stop by at youth group and they were like AAAHHHHHHHH!!!! it was hilarious :)

Daniel J. Watkins Photography said...

Many people don't know this but I never kissed my wife until after we got married. But, of course, she wasn't my wife...until...after we got married.

(sorry, old Zig Ziglar anecdote...but it still makes me laugh...)

Anonymous said...

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