Monday, May 29, 2006

I almost forgot to laugh!!!

WHAT A WEEKEND!!!! Wow!! Well on Saturday I second shot for the awesome Dennis Lee! It was a beautiful wedding in St. Charles! I really learned alot!! I found out that I shoot very "West Coast" apparently! I wonder how that happened???? hehe! It was a blast! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from that since I shot with his cards...
I got home around midnight and had to wake up pretty early to start heading to the next wedding up in Lake Geneva!! We got off to a great start and were about half an hour early!! About 20 minutes before we get there my car just died...full tank of gas and everything!! It was really strange!! At first we thought it had overheated because it was like 95 degrees and HUMID! But that wasn't after about a half an hour of walking around and trying to figure out what had happened, and doing a little photoshoot we finally decided to call a tow truck....ya think?? lol! Thankfully we were so close to the wedding that one of the guests was able to pick Mark and I up so we could at least get there and start shooting!! Jake was sooooo incredibly awesome and offered to stay with the car and have it towed home!!! MAN!!!
Copyright 2006 Mark Collins5 hours, 1 water bottle, a hand full of mixed nuts, in basically 100 degree weather the tow truck finally pulled up!!!!While all this was happening Mark and I were shooting the whole wedding which was beautiful!! Jeannine and Peter are sooo cute together! It was awesome!! I can't wait to get a full slideshow up on my main site!!! Here is the **slideshow** that we showed at the reception:) At around 11 Jake showed up!!! He had driven with the tow truck allll the way home, picked up his car and drove all the way back up here to pick us up!!!! I think he deserves employee of the day, week, year, etc!!! My assistants are sooo awesome and dedicated!!!! Thank you sooo much you two!! You guys rock!!! I have NO clue what I would have done without you guys! Wow!!
Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!!!


OpenSourcePhoto said...

Oh Sarah!!! :( I am so sorry....there is definitely some weird stuff going on! ...

mark said...

you don't have to be sorry, it turned out to be a overall awesome day.
: )
i mean how else would i have been able to take such fun roadside pics like you see in this post.
Sarah you should do a whole slideshow just from mine and Jake’s pics from the roadside.(or maybe i'll put together a little video from it)
one thing is for sure, Jake definitely deserves a reward.
i think you should take two assistants to every wedding now.(especially Jake, we need to give him more opportunity to shoot)
and hey we got a great story, some fun, and some amazing pictures out of the day.(even though it wasn't ideal)

Sarah Barlow said...

I know DJ! It's really strange!!:(
Praying for ya!

Haha! Yeah Mark! Oops! Totally forgot to give you photo credit for those pics!
Thanks for helping!!

mark said...

aww sarah that's so cool.
you went back and edited photo credit into your post.
you're awesome

J@KE said...

Alright you two, you can stop with the accolades. I was just thinking about what would be best for the group and for the wedding party. I would totally do it all over again given the chance (or at least I hope I would). =)

I don't need a reward..... I mearly was helping out the team. At least that's the way I see it. Or you could say that I was helping a fellow photog in need. No big deal.... I mean back in the day that's what people did for each other....... What's sad is now-a-days those people are far and few between. I'm not trying to boast about who I am, or what I did, I'm just saying that people who care about more than themselves are really rare :-( I'm just TRYING to be one of those people.

Anyway thanks you guys....... It wouldn't have been an adventure without you!

Thank you Sarah for giving me the oppertunity to serve you. Without your photography business we wouldn't be able to laugh about this right now.