Friday, May 12, 2006

How sweet it is....

Here...finally is the engagement session that I did a couple weeks ago!!! It was a blast!! Tim & Jessica are so cute together!! And they are both really funny too! So it was awesome working with them!! Their wedding is coming up in Michigan!! I'm sooo excited!
Check out the **slideshow**!!!


J@KE said...

Totally rockin', amazing, astounding and any other positive exclamatory words that discribe how awesome something is!

Always a pleasure to see your work,


AMC said...


OpenSourcePhoto said...

Dude! Those are all so good! Awesome - as always!

c r y s t a l said...

Hey, girlie!!

I haven't told you lately how awesome you are!!! And that I miss you tons!!!! When do I get to see you again?! You should totally make a trip down to Arkansas! :) I mean, there's so much to do here! hahaa!!! :P

I just checked out all your latest posts. You've been one busy girl. And I love all the slideshows! Keep rockin' girl!

mark said...

so cool to see a slideshow from that shoot.
that day was so much fun.
we ended up with so many great shots of them.

Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks so much guys!! Crystal we got to shoot together soon!! I can't wait!!:)

tpr said...

holy crap...that little montage is awesome. I can't believe some of the shots you were able to take. 110% satisfied customers. Can't wait for the wedding.
jess and tim

Sarah Barlow said...

OH!! Thanks guys!!
Can't wait for the wedding either!!
You two are so cute!!:)