Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Birthday dad!

Today was my dad's birthday! We had a great time! This morning I took him downtown to my favoritist(is that a word?? lol) place in the world to eat, the Four Seasons Conservatory for their Mediterranean table/buffet! It is by far the best place ever! You eat looking out over the city, it is incredible! And it is as if they haven't come out of the olden days because the waiters are like servants!! They pull out your chair for you and practically bow when you pass by! It's hilarious but so cool!! hehe!
Back to my dad...he is awesome and such an inspiration. And I'm glad to now call him my friend:) He has helped me so much in getting my business started and telling me stories about starting businesses when I was 5!! lol! Today on the way home from Chicago it was great! We were just talking and solving the problems of the world!! lol! It is great!
He just started a blog **click here**
And he is also the pastor of our **church**
Check it out!:)


Evelyn Studios said...

Oh, it was so awesome meeting your Dad this past weekend. I was just so impressed with your entire family. A close relationship with your Dad is just the greatest gift God can give you.

J@KE said...

I love JB I mean Joe Barlow.... ahem..... Mr. Joe Barlow or should I say Pastor Joe Barlow, gosh!!! Despite all the names he could be called; he's just cool and an exellent leader not only of God's church but also his family so Happy Birthday Mr., Pastor, Joe Barlow.


Pastor Joe Barlow said...

Gracias Jake!
Thanks Sarah, Love ya - Dad

Anonymous said...

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