Monday, May 22, 2006

Mood rings and things not related.

This past weekend was great! My aunt Annie was in town from the Dominican Republic, where her and her husband are the directors of an awesome youth ministry called New Horizons. They take kids from the states who have alot of issues and bring them down there to get them back on the right track! The work that they do is so incredible and have helped soooo many kids!
On Saturday, we headed over to my cousins house to hang out and got to watch the first rough of their new music video, Never Alone!! It was soooooo AMAZING!!! Seriously awesome!! The first time we watched it we were all freaking out and actually clapped at some parts! That's how good it was!! lol!! for more serious stuff...hehe..
I was reading my friend David Jay's blog the other day and he wrote an incredible post that really struck me! **click here** to read it.
I have been thinking ALOT about how I run my business and how I treat others through it all. I realized that if I don't make time for God, other's, and even myself...then who cares about my business!! Because if relationships don't come first then I'm a failure! So today I am taking time to get away...FINALLY!! To regroup and go over my priorities in life. I think we all need to at some point do this every once in awhile! To get refreshed and renewed to exactly what you want to accomplish in this life and to make plans on how to impact others! I hope you all have an awesome day! And never forget those important people in your life who make you who you are!
Thanks DJ!:)
PS. The picture at the top is of someone so important in my life, Julianna, she is so cute and just started smiling!


mark said...

getting priorities straight is something allot of people, including me, need to do.
it's really cool to see you doing this.
and i want to see that video!

Leann said...

Sarah, this is LeannW from OSP -- it's such a small world... when I was reading along and hit the words "Dominican Republic" I immediately thought of Katie and Danny, a couple who I photographed this past fall. They met in the D.R. while working for... New Horizons!

I met Katie and Danny through Amie who lives in the apartment behind our house -- and she is just getting ready to head for Canada with the New Horizons teens for the summer.

Small world, isn't it?

Natalie said...

OMIGOSH!! Leann..this is natalie, sarahs sister. That is totally crazy!!! my aunt is coming back this friday so we'll have to tell her about this!!!
actually my cousin Richard is heading to Canada too for the wilderness camp!!! this is totally weird!! thanks for telling us!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Wow!! Leanne!! That is incredible!! Very small world!! Yeah like Natalie said we'll have to tell my aunt! That is why she is up here is to take my cousin to the camp!! Wow!lol!

Leann said...

Wow, this is really cool!

Here is a link to Katie and Danny's gallery:

They are the ones who met in the D.R. working for New Horizons. Your aunt and uncle probably know Katie and Danny!

BTW, every time I read your blog I have the song "Barlow Girls" by Superchic(k) going through my mind. Are *the* Barlow Girls the inspiration for that song?

OpenSourcePhoto said...

Sarah! You're one of those people who the rest of us need to model our relationships after! Keep it up!

Shyla said...

Sarah, Sara France and I were just talking about you last night,...You stinkin Child prodigy! ;)
Anyway, your maturity far exeeds your years, you are an inspiration to us all :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Leann! That is so awesome!!! Wow!!
Yeah the Barlowgirls are the inspiration for that song:) It's really cool!

Thank you DJ and Shyla!!!
You guys are the awesome ones!!!:)

amynave said...

Girl, I can't wait to visit you and your amazing family. I was just looking at flights and they are super cheap right now. What date should I come down in September?????