Friday, December 24, 2010

Celebrate the day....

I'm back in Chicago for Christmas and it's been just beautiful. Beautiful to see my family, snow, amazing friends, downtown shopping, hugs, back rubs, and laughing non stop. It's always an insane time in the Barlow home as EVERYONE is musically inclined and inclined to share at the SAME time. Constant noise ensues. But I love it. And it's probably the thing I miss the most about being here.
I was sitting here in my pj's thinking about this past year and the people in my life, how things have changed and how I've grown and what I've learned... while I was deep in thought this song came on which perfectly says my heart this year. Relient K was always one of my favorites when I was younger.... no wonder why!! Here is a cheesy little You Tube video that I found with the song and lyrics...I hope it makes your night and that you take some time to just get quiet during all this craziness to remember why you are here and WHO you are here for.
I love you all.


Christine said...

i love that song, so freaking much.

sadly, this christmas is turning out to be the worst one of my life.

i feel horrible. to the point i am crying right now.

i just feel awful.

and even worse because, it's christmas eve. i'm supposed to be happy.

i really wouldn't mind prayers if you happen to read this. i know you don't know me but, i'm really having a very hard time right now. thanks.<3

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Christine!
I definitely was praying! I hope things are looking up for you this year!!!

Christine said...



just last night.

the second day of the year.

everything turned around<3

thank you sooo much!