Thursday, December 16, 2010

Harpoon Leather ::: Design

Several months ago my friend Stephen texted me his brilliant idea of starting a leather accessory company... he had never done anything with leather before but dove head first into it and found out he has an amazing knack for it! A couple months later he had developed a couple different products and the demand for full branding and a website arose.
Because I work with my interns all the time on their branding and websites I decided to help him out... since then I've been working on several different projects with a bunch of my different friends that I'll be showcasing in the next couple weeks!
For right now though, I'll show you the process of this brand and what we've come up with through out it all.

Usually in the development of the brand I build an overall brand board with styles, textures and colors but we had to get the website up so fast and Stephen already knew the look he was wanting to go for: very nautical and sea based with the darker colors used in his leather designs. We came up with a logo pretty quick and is pretty self explanatory:

A nice clean business card:

After the logo was finished and a basic website was put up we started working on the grander scheme of things in product photos and prettying everything up to really get the dark nautical feel across.

Finally we completed the **WEBSITE** with a full brand and look, he wanted it to look like we just shot a picture of an uncompleted wallet with a brand stamp right on it! Check out the site!! GREAT Christmas gift ideas!

I LOVE how it turned out and I'm so so excited for this new business to explode! Stay tuned for more great projects with this great company!!


jamiedelaine said...

i LOVE it. sarah barlow, you're such a talent.

Faith said...

Amazing. I love it! :)

Kristin said...

Nice job, Sarah (and Stephen). It's cool to see the photos of Stephen working in their new habitat. :)