Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Spring 2011 internships!!!

Okk... Well you all have been begging for some spring dates for the internships so I decided to release them sooner than I usually do! Next year I'll be switching things up a bit... there is only one normal 6 day internship so far on the books and the other two are just 4 days, but you'll get to shoot a wedding with me to add to your portfolio plus learning most of the things they work on in the full internship! I'll also be releasing a few 2 day mini-internships in different cities: NYC, Denver, Seattle, and a few others..if you'd like one in your city let me know too!
Sooo excited about this next year and all the beautiful people I get to meet!!
CLICK HERE to look into all the details!
I'll leave you with a music video we made for one of the internships....craziness ensues all the time.

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erika said...

Vancouver, BC!