Monday, January 03, 2011

Jazz Davis ::: Design

A little less than a year ago my wonderful friend Jazz asked me to start helping her build up her business. I first gave her a bunch of business books to read and after awhile she was ready to officially launch her freelance hair and makeup company. The first task I gave her was to really find out WHO she was by asking some very specific questions...who are you, why do you do what you do, what is your vision and purpose... and then writing down some of her favorite things in the world.
We came to a very distinct Jazz Davis that she could start marketing... especially in a service business that she was wanting to get into it is so important to give the experience of YOU through the entire process. After finding the deep stuff we started to discover what all the writing would look like if it was in pictures... so we created a brand board with colors, pictures, textures, and fonts.It was hard narrowing it down but once we did it said her to a T.
After working through one website design that we scrapped after almost finishing it because it just didn't yell JAZZ at me. We went to Andy Warhol for inspiration which is one of Jazz's favorite artists. After studying him for awhile we finally came up with a brand and website that I felt totally said Jazz through and through.

Afterwards we did a little bio photoshoot so people could see who she really is... as well as a few test shoots to fully display her work.

I'm SO excited how her business and brand has developed.. she's so creative and ready to take on the world of style by storm!!! Check out her work and if you are in Nashville and need a good makeup or hairstylist check her out!!


Tampa Design Guy said...

The website reflects the style and design of the youth, very good, appreciate it.

Chase said...

Thanks for walking us through the process you went through, Sarah! The site looks great! :)
Best of luck to Jazz!