Wednesday, November 05, 2008

World Changing Time!!

Heyyyy everyone! Well I know you all may not have exactly the same beliefs as me in this election area(I really hate's too dividing..but I know it's still very important to vote...I think us as people making change is SO far better though;).....but to be honest I'm am SO giddy the video to see why... especially if you are considering moving out of the country! :)



Michaela said...

Amen sistah! Though I was rooting for Obama, I do believe that, not only is this earth entering into a new era, but the church is also. God is ushering his people into a new age and I am so flippin' excited to see what God is going to do through his people and to see the Bride of Christ shining like a star in this depraved universe.

No matter who is the president, we shouldn't be relying on our government, as you said. We should be putting our faith and our hope and trust in Jesus Christ.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for us. Thanks for your video :)


Lydia said...

Amen! Keep praying that Prop. 8 would pass as the church did take a stand this time. Either way, like you said, we can have peace that God is in control! We just need to follow Him no matter what happens.

Christie Mumm said...

Amen here too, I have been reading my Bible like crazy lately especially Eze, Dan, Rev, and I am a little apprehensive and scared but also excited to actually be living in this history making prophecy fulfilling time! My faith is renewed as I see that God is faithful and His will is always done, no matter where we go in this life we know where we end up and who wins!

Mark Barlow said...

although, i might move to australia still.
been wanting to move there anyways to go to hillsong university!

BethLaurren said...

sooo...11:11? :)

Good points - and I should have listened to this last night because I laid awake for a long time thinking about all of this. God is still in control, and we have nothing to fear in that!

Sarah said...

AMEN!!!!! I feel exactly the same way. This is what's going through my head:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your heart! I am a Christian who voted for Obama. I completely disagree with your points on Obama being a valid American citizen. But I too, share your sentiments on praying for the country and moral duties. Christ stood for bridging gaps in heaven and on earth. I would love to see more gaps being bridged in our world through effective and sound leadership. I respect the diversity even within God's body of believers. I respect you as a person for standing up for your beliefs and not to mention killer photography.

jamiedelaine said...

I love your videos. I really do. You are so inspiring!! Can't wait to see you in a month.

Oh, Mark. Why would you move to Australia? SERIOUSLY? HELLO!! Neighbours to the NORTH!!! Canada.


Nicole Photography said...

Sarah thank you so much for this video! I was a little bummed about how the election went, but you totally just changed my perspective! Thank you!
-Lexi P.

Sherah said...

Woohoo! Awesome video Sarah! Thanks for posting it :)

Michelle said...

Great video! You other post on not worrying about this election really spoke to me as well. Thank you so much!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for posting something positive even though you were disappointed I too disagree with your Obama comments, and just wanted to say in the way of encouragement that you should not fear the change that has come to our government. The McCain campaign scared a lot of people, and they spread a lot of untrue things about Obama . . . Take a closer look at him. Do some more research . . . He was in my opinion, the most Christian candidate.

I am thanking God, and am hopeful that those who were disappointed will have a chance to see Obama for who he is now that the crazy campaign is over.


BrianH Photography said...

Sarah Barlow... you are amazing. God has been laying the same thing about it being time for christians to stand up for what we beleive in. I also have a MAJOR peace about the whole Obama situation as well. God just laid Romans 13 on my heart where it says: "...there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God." and Habakkuk 1:5 "“Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded.
h For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told."

God is moving in a big way and we can not sit down.... not to be tacky, but really, How Can We Be Silent? God gave us mouths and hands and feet for a reason... we need to stand for who we are in Christ 'till the bitter end and beyond.

J@KE said...

Keep shining.... Loved this little addressing your peoples.... You are so right on.... Bless you for posting and just being so you! :-)

wcgillian said...

Sarah Ann,

You have a great point of view here and very well said. I am impressed! I supported John and Sarah as well. But we have to look at the good side to everything and in this case it is a wonderful thing that a Black man was elected the highest position although I am not liking his ideas. We will give him a chance and see what happens. If Todd returns to the North Slope I will mention to him the support that I have witnessed myself for Sarah and John McCain. You are an outstanding young lady!

Randy J. Cole

jvaughn0311 said...

I voted for McCain and was so bummed out when he didn't win! I think that we Christians are going to have to take a stand... We need to pray harder than ever that Obama makes right decisions!

By the way my name is Sarah Ann too...I know yours is Anne with an "e" though!=)

Like your blog!