Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hugging my computer.

Noooo I'm not THAT in love with it...yet at!
Technology is just THE best these days...whenever I need a family fix I just pop onto Skype and there they all are! It's pretty much the best invention since...well since Al Gore invented the internet! ;)
Tonight I got webcam hugs and kisses which will just have to do until Thanksgiving when they alllll come down here to my place to stay! :) Yep...the first night they will all be in my apt.. but of course it will be a BLAST!
Oli asked me tonight if I can move back home after thanksgiving! And Jules thinks I live at the airport! Classic!
To be honest...I do REALLY miss my family...but....being down here is one of the most incredible things for me ever! I have really grown so much just even in the past couple weeks I feel...just in my relationship with God, knowing who I am more, and taking care of everyday things that my parents would always do! It's one of the most amazing feelings ever!
A lot of people ask if I get lonely especially living on my own and if the transition was sad...strangely enough NO!! I really have been so all encompassed with traveling, business, time with God, and getting established down here that I haven't had the time to be lonely or sad about leaving! God really has His grace on this I'm sure..because I definitely thought after two weeks I would call home and say..okkkk I'm ready to come back! But nope! I know this is EXACTLY where I am supposed to be right now and this is the only place I'm going to thrive to my full potential right now! I'm excited to see what the future brings!!! I love you all!!!
Just thought you might like an actual personal note rather than just pics all the time:)


emma jean said...

I wish that picture was a video instead of a picture :( but it's still cute!! Jules thinks you live at the airport?? HA that is sooo funny and adorable!!! I wish I had little sisters like yours!!! :)

jamiedelaine said...

Cute cute cute. All of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I don't know if you remember me Sarah, my name is Jillian, and I go to your Dad's church. I am 14. But any way! Jules and Oli are so so sweet!!!! I will go up to Jules and she will just hug me. LOL. It must be so awesome having everyone in Nashville! I am so sorry I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to you!! I am praying for you though.