Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The cry....

If THIS doesn't get you revved up I don't know what will!! My pastor down here ended the sermon this past Sunday with this little side note and it was a MAJOR wake up call to me I almost started jumping up and down! Check it out "HERE" it's only a couple seconds....
Here we just brush these people off as killers, thieves, and liars yet they haven't been raised up in their purpose and THAT is why they are succumbing to this... which sends them down an even farther spiral away from their purpose... thankfully their is still hope... BUT their is even greater hope for those not yet in that!! Who can we inspire purpose in TODAY??? :)

I've been having THE most amazing time the past 2 I said earlier...I'm on a sabaticle right now seeking a lot of direction and thankfully God has come through so faithfully and shown me SO many things that I'm REALLY excited about...and I'm REVVING to go and do...yet I have 3 days left and I know that I'm to continue to sit and rest as He's laying a steady foundation in me before I hit the ground running! I love how He works! It's exciting!! I love you all so much!!


Samantha F. said...

I really get what you're saying here. I don't have a solution for this, but when I see it, I feel really sad and grieved. I'm hopeful that in the future, there will be something positive I can do.

And hey, hey, I'll call you after your three days are up? Okies?


Anonymous said...

I enjoy following all of your work, but enjoy the beautiful words that you write even more. Your enthusiasm, spirit, and passion for life is incredible. Thanks for sharing.

Katelyn said...

As always you are so inspiring! Your "downtime" post challenged me and this past week I've been trying to slow down a bit and it has just been the most amazing and peaceful week with God. Quite amazing!

BrianH Photography said...

Sarah! I am so glad to heard that God is doing powerful things in your life. I pray that He continues opening your eyes to things and that you have a deeper understanding of Him and His Word!

God Bless