Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jenny & Tony ::: Engagement

The second engagement session of the day a couple weeks ago was for Jenny & Tony! It was amazing the excitement these two had about the shoot!! I guess they've been counting down the days for the past 8 months which makes my job allll the more fun and exciting too!! They had so many brilliant ideas for the shoot that we just kept jumping from one place to the next downtown Naperville and we finally had to end after about 5 hours after I ran out of cards!! lol! They were just so much fun!
I really love the way these two just genuinely love and care for each other....they are always looking out for each others needs and the bond they have is something that I want to model someday!! It's been such an inspiration! After such an amazing shoot I am definitely counting down the days until their wedding!!

We shot some pics at Jenny's cousins gorgeous house and Jenny's second cousins got to be in some of the pictures too!! Check out their pics here!
Tony started out by playing the piano for Jenny and singing, "You are so beautiful"....I was definitely about to cry!

We went to a huge carnival, which was such a blast....the fun house was definitely one of the highlights! :)


Shannon McFarland said...

OH MY...looks like that shoot was a BLAST!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Sarah Barlow!!!!!!!!
ahhh.. we love all of the photos. you're are truly awesome! I've been playing the slideshow over & over again and even showed my mom! :P
Cannot wait til we see you again next May!
we love you!!

jamiedelaine said...

Gah!! What a cool couple!! And great locations; it's always so funny to me that you shoot for 5 hours! Wowza. How many images did you take? Like 1500?! Sometimes I take 600 in 1 1/2 hours, so I'd be afraid if I had 5 hours. I ADOREEE the ones with them at the fair; his vest and her scarf is soo chic. :) And that yellow wall? So great!

Michaela said...

Oh my gosh! you are so incredibly creative. Beautiful, fun, creative shots. I am so in awe.

Bekah said...

Sarah! Those are so amazing! Beautiful couple too!

Anonymous said...

Tony, Jenny it's David! the shorty~! these pictures look great!:D i really like them!