Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bridget & John ::: Engagement

A couple weeks ago, right before I left, I had back to back engagement sessions!! It was basically the length of shooting a full wedding of the reasons I completely swear by these is how laid back and fun they are!! It's more just hanging out for the afternoon than actual work!! I met Bridget and John several months ago for their client meeting at Cheesecake Factory! It was funny because I knew I would love them right away as most of the time we didn't even talk about wedding stuff! It was more just having a fun lunch with some friends!! One thing that stood out though through it all was Bridget likes everything to be UNIQUE and different! My kind of girl!! I can't wait for her and John's wedding which will be at Brookfield Zoo this weekend! I completely can't wait! Their engagement shoot was so much fun! We headed over to Fabyan Woods in Geneva, which was my first time shooting there, and I think it's my new favorite place to shoot!! Bridget and John also brought their dogs which were again the most unique dogs I've ever seen! They deserved there own photoshoot in a Juicy Couture ad or something! ha!!
Here are Bridget & John's hot pictures....did I mention they should definitely be models too??? :)


emma jean said...

Yep.. DEFINITELY another model couple :) And what an awesome idea to have the wedding at the Brookfield Zoo!! That will be amazing!! Maybe I should have my wedding there.. or maybe I should have it at your cousins' house.. we'll see ;)

nina said...

Amazing pictures. They are SO models!!

Cait said...

Man, how do you get all model couples? No, I know how; no opposites attracting here. Gorgeous people must be attracted to you. That's it. And a wedding at a ZOO?! THAT'S awesomeness right there! Can't wait to see those!

Bekah said...

Awesome pictures, Sarah! That is a really pretty place to shoot!

Sarah Barlow said...

Thank you guys!! Yeah...they were SUCH a blast to shoot and MOST definitely need to be models!
Emma cousins could have a little business with this whole wedding thing at their house...I want it there too possibly! ha!

Cait!!! Awww! You are the sweetest!! I definitely am blessed with the best clients!