Saturday, June 14, 2008

Recap of life in general over the past two weeks.

I'm sorry everyone! I keep promising that I am going to post about my interns from the past two weeks and we keep having WAY too much fun that we are LIVING instead of blogging...rather I am living rather than blogging....since getting Cassie and Danette into blogging they have been WAY better than me! And I'm SUPER exited about their new blogs that we worked on last week!
We have had a nonstop, fun, relaxing, sleepless, sleeping in, foodfest, photography filled, laughing our heads off time!
Danette and Cassie are SO much fun! And I don't want them to leave! Not meeting the interns before hand is a little interesting to start off with and then jumping in living together for two straight weeks we BETTER get along well! Besides the few wedgies that were given I think everything turned out amazing! LOL!These two are incredible photographers and I'm so proud of what they've accomplished even in the past two weeks!
We've laughed, we've cryed, we've hugged, we've smacked, we've woken up at insane times, and gone to bed at even more insane times....but all in all I have two amazing new friends that I hope I'll be able to share life with more....beyond these last two weeks!Check both of their HOT new blogs - CASSIE - DANETTE - that they've been working on! I'm sooo proud of are some pictures from the past two weeks of fun(that they by the way took! I told them that the reason I have interns is to document my!)! We went to Chicago about 3 times, the zoo, a wedding, the Four seasons hotel, Sushi(complete with a VERY early birthday cake for me), the Naverville riverwalk, the Hancock building, the Trump buiding, the Sears tower, Millenium Park(where we listened to the Chicago Childrens Choir AND saw the famous David Beckstead doing a photoshoot for a workshop he was running!), went to the famous Giordano's. And that was just in a day and a half! The rest of the two weeks have been just as equally amazing! I love you all! Next interns are heading in on Wednesday and Thursday! Yay!
Here is a little sequence to describe Cassie's vs. Danette's impression of Sushi! And btw...Danette is not sticking Sushi in her mouth but a big glop of WASABI! Ahh!!


|| davidjay || said...

but blogging is such a great part of living! :)

Cassie Schott said...

Awww I love you princess!! I don't want to leave!!

Cait said...

WHOA! I thought we did a lot while I was there... not so in comparison! I'm beginning to think you're one of THOSE people who always has to be doing something. Hmm... perhaps. Well looks like you had a good time and learned... lots?? :) I am very seriously planning an intern reunion, so if Cassie and Danette are interested, let me know!!

Emma Jean said...

Love the pictures, Sarah!! I want to do all that fun stuff in Chicago, too!! Can I be your next intern?? Please??

Emma Jean said...

P.S. I LOVE Giordano's!!!!!

Samantha F. said...

*Bawdy laughter*

^_^ I love your interns. They always ROCK. (Cassie, visit LOTS!! Danette, hurry up and move!! Cait, COME BACK!!!!!!)

Who took the pictures of downtown Chicago?? Zey are very goot!!

Sarah, I just love you, hon. I seriously think you're amazing.

P.S. I wanna tag along on one of your photoshoots some time. I like watchin' you work, girly.

Samantha F. said...

SARAH!!! HOLY CATS!! You should start your own forum!! For photographers, interns, friends, fans, and customers!!

Not in competition with OpenSource, obviously, but just a forum that is full of your style and craziness!

I'm brilliant.

Danette said...

See, this is why I like Sam. The girl is brilliant!

Cait said...

I'm with you, Danette. There is too much genius in that girl for me to be this far away. I know it rubs off! I am moving back, in direct competition with Danette's personal invite, over which I am holding offense, Sam. :) But I still love you. :) (and you too Sarah!)