Monday, June 16, 2008

My translator.

The last night of the internship we were all pretty slap happy and depite the fact that I had to wake up at 4:30am in the morning we still stayed up until about 1:30am and litterally finished the last wrap up session of the internship at 1 in the morning! Yes, crazy I know....but that's just how I roll! :)
Anyways, in our slaphappiness we made about 158 videos(give or take a few) of ourselves talking to each other, doing news broadcasts, and telling inside jokes...none of which made the final cut for the blog....unless you wanted to watch it while trying to drift off to sleep! Here is the first one that pretty much summed up the night. This is Danette interpreting how I talk.

Yay! I am finally really getting caught up with work! It's wonderful and I think I'm pretty much getting 1 week of work done in one day! I'm excited!


Cait said...

Wow. ARG! I love you when you're like that! Man. I wish I could have been there. *sighs* :( Oh well.

You know, if you go to sleep before you only have three hours left. It helps defray the cost of eggs in China.

PS I very clearly remember making a number of videos that I have yet to see on the blog, despite the amazing greatness they contained. Um, what's up with that?

Emma Jean said...

I crazy LOVE your laugh, Sarah!! It's highly contagious!! *lol* :D

Cassie Schott said...

Oh WOW! HA! Danette's Spanish is simply amazing. Miss you so much already!!! I posted a picture on my blog that is secretly dedicated to you. Can you guess which one??? ;)

joy. said...

Sarah, usted me hacen sonreĆ­r con su contagiosa risa. Te quiero!

Cathy and David Photography said...

Holy mother of God... I did not intend to laugh myself to tears this morning. Egad, you guys are crazy. :-D

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
That video was soooo funny! It made me laugh so hard! You two looked like you were having a great times together. Thanks for sharing it!
Oh, thanks for responding to my email. I think you're an amazing young woman!

Emma Harasick said...

Sarah! This is so funny! my fav part is where she was translating you laughing! Hilarious! looks like you had a lot of fun! =)