Monday, June 09, 2008

The cure for the procrastinating blogger.

Hey you all!! Here is a (cheesy) video to explain everything that has been going on! We just shot a SUPER cool wedding yesterday that I'll be posting about tomorrow! I just found out that we were shooting and everything while insane tornados were swirling all over the place just south of us in Chicago! Crazy!

(sidenote: I just realized I was actually supposed to be babysitting Jules and I totally left her on the table eating string chesse...what a great responsible sister I am! lol!)
I absolutely LOVE my two new interns! Danette and Cassie! They are so super sweet and HILARIOUS! Although....who of my interns aren't?? I'm always blessed with the best people to work with!! :) I'll be posting more in depth about them soon...once we get their blogs up and running!

Here is a shot of the three of us at the zoo the other day! So fun!
**On the lookout right now for more tornados....I wish I had a dog named Toto! :)**


Heather Paulsen said...

thanks for making time for me...the boys just watched your video!!

can't wait to see some wedding slide shows.

it was great getting to chat with your family on fri.

okay typing one handed because luke is still on my lap!!

Armin de Fiesta said...

Hi Sarah! It's been a while since I visited your blog. I recently shot weddings with our mutual friend Kristen Leigh the past two weekends and she mentioned your name so here I am! Ha! Sounds like both you & Kristen have been blog slacking! ;) But the "catch-up" video was a great idea!

Cait said...


You are a slacker. I've been checking everyday in hopes of an update, to no avail. (Yes, even though I'm no longer sitting next to you, I still stalk your blog!)

Your new interns look like fun... but you all must stay safe and look cute! Can't wait for another update... :)

Emma Jean said...

Nice video! Jules is so cute! I haven't been to the Chicago Zoo in years!! Post more pics! Hehe! :)

Erica said...

We've totally been havin tons of tornados down here too! its freakish!