Monday, June 02, 2008


This must have been the weekend to shoot photographers! On Saturday, I shot an engagement session for one of my photographer friends from around the area....then yesterday shot my darling friend Beth's wedding!
Beth and I met years ago in highschool when we went to a youth event together...we met very briefly but reconnected while being bridesmaids and planning my best friends Joy's wedding! We met to talk over wedding plans at first but after the wedding didn't want to stop hanging out! So we met every couple weeks for dinner and to catch up with life....then I heard about her upcoming wedding and offered to shoot it! A couple weeks later...she made the big decision to dive into her and join in as an intern! She was such a wonderful add on to the "SAP" crew and I miss having her as an intern as she is now training up her own and has a successful photography business! I'm SO incredibly proud of her and blessed by her encouraging friendship and deep talks:)
Beth is probably one of the most exuberant personality filled people I know! We are always laughing or sharing heart to heart! So of course with steps Nick who is so grounded and even keeled which together make the perfect match!
The wedding was incredible and spoke Beth's personality SO much with vibrant color everywhere including her pink shoes! I loved it!! It couldn't have said her better!
Everything took place at the Hotel Baker in St. Charles which is right on a gorgeous river and the weather couldn't have been better! So all around it was a perfect day with a perfect couple with a beautiful future together!!!
I love you both soooo much!

I don't think I've ever seen a more striking bride! Beth was wearing the most perfect simple formfitting dress really helped the effect! And her mom wore the BEST mother of the bride dress yellow of course!

I always love the kiss RIGHT after the ceremony and they've walked out! So precious! Nick looks pretty awesome too!

I love when the bridal party and family gathers around and prays right before the ceremony...makes for some emotional times.....even for the photographer;)
Beth couldn't stop smiling during the ceremony! I love it!

These are all pretty self explanatory in how gorgeous they are!
And here is the slideshow from the day!!! Check it out! This song is my new FAVORITE song and I've been saving it for a special slideshow for it to go with! So this one of course was chosen;)

Also, check out Morgan Matters and Steve Chellappa's blogs for more pictures!! They were so fun to shoot with! :)


mark said...

beautiful job sarah, as always, compliments to you and your crew.
they are going to have to hurry up and pick their favorites, i so want to design their album.

BethLaurren said...

sarah......we have absolutely no words. I just want to watch it over and over and over again.

I love you SO MUCH and am so grateful that you were there for our wedding (for so many reasons).

I'm just gonna watch this all day :)

Cait said...

It's absolutely lovely! I am so glad you saved that song! It is perfect. Hope you have fun with new interns... :)

Abby said...

Sarah, fantastic photos!! It was great to have you guys there, since you were friends as well as photographers - it made for a more fun, intimate experience!!

abigail smith said...

Ahhhh, I wish I could've been there! It looks absolutely stunning! You did a fabulous job Sarah! Beth, you were gorgeous!!!!

joy. said...

stunning. Really, very, absolutely stunning.

Shyla said...

wow... Beth looks absolutely breath taking!!! wow wow wow

Eric McCarty said...

Great stuff, Sarah! And congrats on the new studio manager!

Emily DeWan Photography said...

Beautiful! What incredible expressions Beth has. Amazing captures!

Natalie Joy said...


Samantha F. said...

I think she might be your most stunning bride ever.

Sarah Renée said...

ohhh myyy gosh. I am in LOVE with this whole slideshow-music, pictures, all of it! I'm not even the bride and I watched 3 times over!!

I love and miss you Sarah!!!