Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cake and other sweet things.

Yesterday, we got back from a SERIOUSLY seriously unreal couple of days in Joliet for a wedding that I was looking forward to since last year! I'll post more about that tomorrow.... but tonight here is just a little sample of how hilarious the time was!
We got back from the wedding around 12:30am and started getting our PJ's on but then decided to hang out with my friend Josh Smith and his guys..... instead of wearing normal can see in the slideshow what we decided to wear. We were only going to go down to the hotel lobby for 10 minutes max...but that 10 minutes definitely turned into an hour and a half of eating cake that, Marlene, the bride sent us home with(it accidently got dropped on the way home so we decided to make the best of it and feed it to each other!)....after awhile she even joined in with us to hang out!! I LOVED this weekend and the people. I definitely can't believe this is my job! Oh...and also we WERE NOT drunk here....just waaaay slap happy from shooting for 10 hours and the fact that it was 2am in the morning!
Also, the song we choose for this we thought was brilliant since it is WAY overplayed and now quite cheesy;)
This if you were wondering is why the internships are SO fun!

Also, here is a monotone video to balance out the last show to explain the exhaustion afterwards;)

I love you all!!! Time for bed before a FUN day tomorrow and end of internship camp out tomorrow night!! Can't wait!!


Emma Jean said...

AHHH you have WAY too much fun!!! Love the cake shots. :)

Ana Rebeca said...

Hahahahaha this cracks me up times in deed..... Ok I gotta go to bed now......Busy day tomorrow :D

Pete and Joy said...

Why does Natalie look like a model even when she is SNARLING? It sickens me.

- Joy

Natalie Joy said...

Oh my lanta!!! hahhahaaha I cannot stop laughing...haha why again was I wearing a necklace around my head?? hahah
sooooo much fun!!!
That was definitely the BEST wedding I've ever been too!!! ahhh...LOL
oh my gosh Joy....I think that was the best compliment anyone could ever give me. hahaahah wowww What was up with my hair! lol

Samantha said...

Very funny! i love the song you put with the slide show! :)


Emma Jean said...

Natalie- What does "oh my lanta" mean??
P.S. You could seriously go pro on the modeling thing, babe. I'm just a little jealous.. ;)

Cait said...

Ok. I am feeling very sad and left out. I am getting the feeling you had more fun with your current intern than you did with me. (I felt the same when you had the last two, too.) I'm not sure how I feel about that. You obviously need to spend more tie with me, so I'll be down soon.

Well, though I wasn't there, I am glad you had a good time... and took pics and made slideshow. :)

J@KE said...

Hey howdy hey!!! I just want to let you know A) I'm still alive and kickin' and B) I didn't read this post because I didn't have time and C) I'll come back later to read and D) we STILL have to finish Anne and E) Ummm I just wanted to say hi and F) well I'm running out of things to say so G) Oh G is for goodbye.....

well that was funness and I have to post about the wedding I did this past Saturday but besides that I need to meet your interns..... Hello! So yeah that's about it hope you enjoyed this little post thingy ;-)



Natalie Joy said...

Haha:) Hey Emma Jean:)
Oh my lanta is actually from a really funny movie called the Ringer, and if you haven't seen it you'd have to see it to laugh really hard at the context of what Oh my lanta is said in:)
aww thank you!!! yeah...i could but i think i'll just stay modeling for sarah and other photographers:) I think thats wayyy more fun! and then i dont have to be involved in the insanely crazy modeling world of anorexia and yeah...haha:)
Have a wonderful day!!

Emma Jean said...

Hey Natalie:) No, I haven't seen that movie! I'll have to check it out. :) Yeah, by saying you should go pro, I didn't necessarily mean go to Hollywood or something, I just meant like if you knew someone that was a photographer, and he/she went pro, then you can model for them..I mean I know they're already pro and everything, but- ugh!! I am making NO sense!! Sorry!! Hopefully you know what I mean!! If you don't, I'll try to come up with a better explanation. :) You have an amazing day too!!

Emma Jean said...

Hey again Natalie :) I just saw that you have a new blog up- congratulations! I want to be able to comment on it (your picture of Jules is ADORABLE by the way:), but I don't want to sign up for a blog for myself or open an ID.. so is it possible for you to put a Name/URL link on there? That's what I always use for Sarah's blog. Thanks for considering! :)

Emma Harasick said...

That is the perfect song for an awesome slideshow =)