Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Misty & Kourtney ::: Engagement

I shot Misty and Kourtney's engagement shoot a couple weeks ago and am finally getting caught up to post it! Yay! This was the first time I had met them and I seriously loved them from the start! We did the shoot at Navy Pier and even though I've shot there many times it's so huge that we were able to shoot at completely different spots than I had shot at before which is the bonus of living in a big city! They decided to head to the BIG ferris wheel that I had never been on but always wanted to! Of course a more than perfect Saturday afternoon in a ferris wheel and then walking along the beach couldn't have turned out better! I was squeeling pretty much the whole time in how they were working the camera! They totally could be models and I loved how Kourtney had it down and was art directing the shoot! I should probably hire him! haha! Anyways....I'm so excited for these two and loved being able to shoot their incredible love for each other!
Here are the pics and slideshow!


Emma Jean said...

Good job on the pictures!! I haven't been to Navy Pier in sooo long!!! I really miss it!!! :)

Cait said...

YEAH! I've been waiting, though not too patiently, to see these images. Great job, girlfriend! They were a blast; I too loved how he was nervous to start and she was all, "Chill, dude." Then she started getting shy and he started directing the whole thing... too much fun. I hope to post more of my images from that day soon... (riiiiiiight).

PS Loved hearing from you today! :) Thanks.

joy. said...

It's officially wedding season - you look so busy! Miss you, love you... and thanks for your encouraging and oh-so-Sarah comment on my blog. You're the only one I know that can be so incredibly happy and exuberant and who can laugh in all capital letters for a long time... without my doubting the sincerity. You're super.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you captured the true beauty and the loving relationship. Great job!!!!

Love ya,


Kevin-Marie said...

Misty & Kourtney,
The pictures really capture the love you all have for one another. Misty, you looked gorgeous and so happy in the pictures. Kourtney, you looked so relaxed and at ease. I'm truly excited, & can't wait till the big day.

Kourtney & Misty said...

It's Official! Sarah Anne, you are the BOMB! We LOVE it; just as i knew we would! This experience has enhanced our relationship a great deal. Watching ourselves work the camera in the slideshow has drawn us even closer, we have truly fallen in love with one another all over again. Thank you for your time, creativity, expertise, and every other effort you put forth to capture our LOVE STORY. You rock! Sarah, you are excellent in what you do. I have so many favorites, already. The dance poses were HOT, the laying on the shoulder pose is HOTTER, the ferris wheel poses are outstanding, H-ll, all the poses ware HOT! Thank you for your patience and your guidance along this journey. Thank You Again...from the bottom of OUR HEARTS. You ROCK!

Samantha said...

What beautiful picture's!
I love you photography!
I'm looking in to photography more and more now. I love comeing to you blog and checking out you styles..
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Anonymous said...

Look @ my lil sis and bro-in-law. The pictures are too cute, you guys look incredibility beautiful. Chicago is a magnificent city and Sarah Anne found a way to capture the pure essence of love in process. I can't wait till the big day. I love you both.


Anonymous said...

Kourtney and Misty,

I am sitting here teary as I look at God's wonderful gift of Love. My little sister has a great future with Kourtney. Kourtney we (Zuerek and I) love you and are counting down to the big day. I don't care where we are, we need to buy Sarah Anne a plane ticket to join us. These pics are the best engagement photos I have seen. Love You, Amonaquentte

Anonymous said...

Great job Sarah Anne! You have captured love, beauty, grace and elegance in one session. I'm sitting here nearly in tears. You two look great in every shot. May happiness, love, joy and peace be abundant with you both in your new marriage. Aww Misty too cute:)

Love you both