Friday, April 25, 2008

YAY! I can sleep!

lol!!! I'm SOOO sorry for not posting the past week!! I've definitely been a slacker:(
But for good reasons!
We just finished up last night the 2 day Spread the Love workshop!! It went incredible!! I'm really so pleased in how it all turned out and the incredible new relationships that I made!! This industry is the best!
The time was jam packed with talks between Justin and Mary Marantz and I and our host David Wittig, photoshoots and plenty of wonderful food! :)
I will post plenty more about the workshop tomorrow.... but tonight I am wiped out! A crazy day today of driving Justin and Mary to the airport(so sad!), veging, shopping and eating ice cream... pretty tiring I tell you! lol!
Ps...the top pic I stole from Shyla's blog who came in to model and just hang out with us for the workshop! I love her so much! :) The pic is of....Abby Smith, Me, Mary, and Shyla!! :)


Emma Jean said...

Fun times! Maybe I should become a photographer... :)

Vladimir said...

Eagerly waiting for know more about this spread the love concept.

Mary Marantz said...

miss you guys soooooo much already!! this was so awesome! we should do one every week! well, maybe every other week... :)


laurie said...

you guys did an amazing job!!! I loved getting to you you have such an genuine spirit that is so refreshing!! hope to catch up again soon!

Samantha said...

Looks like fun... I need to get into one of those workshops...LOL

In Christ

Sarah Barlow said...

Emma Jean! You most definitely should become a photographer! That's where all the fun happens! hehe!

Hey Vladimir! We recorded the whole workshop! So I'll post that once it's available! :)

MARY!!! I miss YOU soooo much too!! I think every other week is perfect!! hehe!

Laurie! I LOVED meeting you and talking life! You are such a sweet spirit! Keep up the amazing work! Definitely and visit us again with your family too! :)

Samantha! We would LOVE to have you at one of the workshops! I think we are doing another one in October! :)

Emma Jean said...

Maybe you can give me some tips when we FINALLY meet each other!! lol!! And bring Natalie, too! I would love to meet her as well!!