Friday, April 18, 2008

Sound asleep.....

Well I guess living in a family of 9 you have to learn how to sleep REALLY good! We can really fall asleep anywhere..even in a room of 100 people! Which is a good life skill....but sometimes it has it's not so good survival.....for instance sleeping through an EARTHQUAKE!!!
This morning when I woke up my mom was like "Did you feel the Earthquake??" I guess it had totally jolted her awake! Apparently Illinois got hit with the most massive earthquake that we've been hit with, 5.4! Tied with one back in the 60s or something!!
Kinda scary since we definitely don't have earthquakes here... but I think they're sort of fun so I'm sad I missed this one! HA!
I hope you all are doing amazing! I'm finally really making some progress in catching up on work from the past couple weeks so I'm excited about that! Some actual picture posts coming soon!! ;)
Ps...that picture is not of Chicago... just what I thought a nice looking fault line would!
::EDIT::...just a couple seconds ago a SECOND earthquake hit!!! AHH! It was cool to feel but not so comforting that there now have been two in one day!! Yikes!!


Abby F. said...

wait what?! I didn't feel any earthquake!! Was it only near you guys?

Sarah Barlow said...

hahha! That's weird! And nooo it definitely wasn't just by us! Apparently they could feel it all the way down in Georgia!! Crazy!!
And I am typing this ANOTHER one just happened!!! Ahh the world is ending!! LOL! ;)

Emma Jean said...

Wow! A Chicago earthquake! That's pretty "cool"! ;) I've felt a couple small ones here in California, but nothing huge. I kind of do wish I could say that I lived through a really big one though, just to tell the grandkids!! lol!!

Glad you guys are safe. :)

Emily DeWan Photography said...

I also slept through it! Glad I'm not the only one :)

mark said...

strange, i didn't feel anything.

Mike Richards said...

Last year I was in St. Marteen VI and an earthquake happened off-shore and we felt it on the island and the islanders were all frantic.

Glad to hear you are all okay.

BTW, great blog and I love your photography...I just found you earlier today.

Cassie said...

I definitely felt the first one! I woke up to my bed shaking - and I'm usually a heavy sleeper too! I didn't know there was a second..crazy!

Erica said...

That's crazy!!
I cant believe it! All the way in Georgia?? Is everyone okay?

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Mike! Thanks so much!! Oh that must've been crazy to feel one on an island! Yikes!

Cassie!! Wow! That must've been scary! You're a lot closer to it right?

Erica! Yeah thank God everyone is fine!! :)

Enoch Photography said...

Scary stuff... didn't know that you all get earthquakes in Chicago?