Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Last night we went to THE most popular place for everyone here on campus, in Jarabacoa called Gilberto's! It is a little "restaurant" on a sidewalk that just fries tons and tons of chickens! Ha!! It was SUCH an experience and pretty good food too! I know most people would be completely grossed out by the sight of this place...but I think I'm made for roughing it....I like things not so prim and proper and clean ALL the time....:)

Here's a picture of Nicole on our way down the mountain...I just thought it was so cool! She was probably worn out too from the shoot I had just done of their family! :)

Here is the one and only Gilberto's....they just found an empty plot of sidewalk and drape a tarp over it every night!! What a business!

Here is THE Gilberto himself! Doing what he does best!

When he saw me taking pictures he signaled me to come over to one of the workstations! Here is him teaching me how to flatten plantains (kind of like a banana but not sweet).

I now work for Gilberto's too!! hehehe!

Here is something that did scare me a little...this was sauce to put on your chicken...apparently it tasted like pickle juice...definitely not brave enough to try it...especially coming out of a Gatorade bottle! LOL!

Here I am sitting in the very "vibey" Giberto's....dogs and children begging and all!! I LOVE this country! :)


Natalie Joy said...

OMG!!! GILBERTOS!! I miss that place!! Except it looks awesome when you went...when we went it was pouring rain...oh and i also brought my own
Ugh! I could go for some of that chicken right now!! :)

Cait said...

OMG! The amazing Gilberto's look soooo much like an ice cream 'parlor' I went to in Mexico... When I was there for a missions trip in October we took all of the children at the orphanage we were working at to get ice cream. It was amazing. I didn't speak enough Spanish to ask what the flavors where and my very Mexican buddy didn't speak enough English to know what I was asking I asked for lime, ended up getting pistachio. Yum.

Looks like you're not to bad at flattening plantains. Are they good grilled?

Caitlin said...

oh snap! I love plaintains!!!!

Sarah Barlow said...

HA!! Wow! Natalie you went when it was raining??? Yikes!!
I actually liked the ketchup! Everyone said it was nasty...but I thought it was good:) weird!

Cait! HA!! I love that you got pistachio instead of lime!! Although Pistachio ice cream is really yummy!
I didn't try the plantains from Gilberto's but they are really good fried:)

Natalie Joy said...
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Natalie Joy said...

ummm...yeha....they had to pull out the rain cover and it dumped a ton of water on the coke truck and everyone lol. eww..well i guess you like organic thats why...and thats pretty much what dominican ketchup tastes
...jules is walking around the house crossing her arms sayin AWESOME! lol

Sarah Barlow said...

HAHA!! THAT'S my girl!! I taught her right!!! :) hehe!

Cait said...

Yeah, it wasn't that I didn't like pistachio, it's just when you expect lime and it's WAY not, you make a funny face (so I'm told!). I actually really liked it. But it made for a funny story.

I am very not fond of ketchup. Even organic, I think. Very glad you enjoyed it though. ;)

(I thought it odd to see a comment with my name show up after my comment. Caitlin, I like your name!)


PS I LOVE your new profile pic, Sarah. It's so cute and shows alot about you. It's great.

m said...

iLOVE that place! it has the best chicken in the whole world!!!!!