Monday, April 07, 2008


Yesterday, my sister, my friends Vickie, Rebecca and I went to see my newest favorite movie.... Penelope!!! I had already seen it once with my cousins when I was on tour with them...but I just HAD to see it again because I love it so much!! Plus I needed a break from babysitting which right when I got home from the DR found out that I had to do for the next 5 days...since my mom is out of town! Ahh!! (time for a good cry!!)
Anyways...I think it's only in a couple theaters now... but you should GO SEE IT!! I totally thought it was going to be a cheesy movie since it's about a girl who has a curse of a pig nose! It's not though!! It's completely unpredictable, has such a good message plus some amazing actors: Reese Witherspoon PLUS James McAvoy... my favorite actor ever!! So treat yourself to a nice lighthearted movie that will just make you all warm and fuzzy inside!! Go see Penelope!!:)


jamiedelaine said...

Sarah, I SO agree!! I saw it with the Dad almost as soon as it came out. We both loved it! And helloooo: how hot is James McAvoy in it? Christina Ricci is so adorable. The movie has a sweet message as well.

joy. said...

Next time I want to "treat myself" to a "light hearted movie," I'll know just what to see! You wear many hats, Sarah; film critic and spokeswoman, one of them.

Natalie Joy said...

"YOU WERE LYING".......:)

Erica said...

Reese Witherspoon!
I might just have to check that movie out!

Bekah said...

I didn't even know about this movie! I might have my dad take me to go see it. It sounds good.

Samantha said...

Very cool my sis saw that and now i have to see it..LOL

I love you photography.. I take some myself! mostly of my two dog ( they good modles..LOL) And I also love Barlow Girl... but your photos are so awsome!