Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Unreal day!!

On Sunday I shot a gorgeous wedding for Ashley and Graham! They had their wedding in Ashley's parents backyard and the day just turned out AMAZING!! Wow! The weather was beyond perfect, it seriously couldn't have been better! Especially for the first day of October!
Ashley and Graham are just sooo cute together and are really easy to shoot because of it! :)
Here is the **slideshow**
Also, thanks to Josh Rogerson and Nancy Barker for helping me out!! You both rocked!! :)


OpenSourcePhoto said...

workaholic - geez - take a day off already! lol

Natalie said...

DJ...that means you just need to come back real soon cuz when your here we have tooo much fun to get any work done!! :) lol

Nancy said...

Your photos turned out perfect - thanks, again.

J@KE said...

another good one I missed...... Oh well looks like you had fun though.

I agree with Nat.... DJ you need to come back because I didn't get to hang with you last time. Maybe next time they'll tell me when you come so we CAN hang.


becca said...

It seems like your really busy right now which is good 4 you but you dont reply any more to our posts.whats up? miss you rebecca

Sarah Barlow said...

Whatever looks who's talking DJ! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!..yeah it's been waaay to crazy! I still have stopped yet! Yikes!

Thanks Nancy!! You were awesome! :)

Jake!!! AHHH!!! Get your new camera!! hehe!! :) We missed you!

Rebecca! Hahaha! I miss you too! I'm sorry! I wasn't on the computer at all yesterday...:) BUT WAIT TILL YOU SEE MY HAIR!!!...still trying to get used to it....lol!!

Shyla said...

OHHHHHH I wanna see your hair!!!!! I forgot you were getting it done.... lemme see, lemme see!!!

Daily Photo Tips! said...

YOU have an amazing eye Sarah...I want to come shoot with you sometime!

Sarah Barlow said...

Shy!! HAHAH!!! Um...let's just say...a big part of my hair isn't red anymore!! LOL!! I'll try to get you some pics:) hehe!

Dan!! You totally have to come down sometime to shoot! That would be so much fun!!! Or I could at least shoot with you!:) Thanks so much!