Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time of my life!!

These past two weeks have been some of the most fun and monumental weeks of my life! It's been so crazy at times...but non-stop hanging out with people I guess is what I thrive on the most.... living by myself has made it twice the fun since I don't always experience it anymore! Last weekend my life long friend Angela came for a visit from Chicago! We completely grew up together going to the same church until we were about 14....so we had a lot of reminicing to do....but mostly laughing and talking waaaaay to late into the night! My friend Sarah who lives down here was also part of our "group" when we were little so she came along for the fun a bunch of the days! It was waaaay to much fun...I don't think it should've been legal! ha!
Here is Angela and I after finding out we had matching outfits....classic...just like old times!

Angela, Sarah, and I went out to Franklin, TN...one of my favorite little towns to shop, eat at a crazy unhealthy..yet yummy restaurant and take pictures, wave at cars, and throw things off a huge bridge that we spent two random hours on top of! I just love spontaneity and not having anything better to do than enjoying each others company! Someone asked me the other day if I was dating anyone because of how much fun I sounded like I was having....with all my status updates(HAHA)....nope...just enjoying life to the WAYYY full!!! :) I love it!
Right after Angela left my cousins headed out here for a day of interviews and a concert the next night! It was SOOO wonderful seeing them as they are my VERY best friends and I hadn't seen them in almost 2 months which totally wasn't right!:(
Here is their first interview of the day....this is pretty much what it looked like the whole time...laughing hysterically:)
My cousin Lauren and I every time we get together HAVE to do a photoshoot....it's kind of a knowing now...well this time I planned the shoot....buying Vale sweatshirts while I was out in New Haven earlier this month! I just love that neither of us have been in college....so that is why we HAD to do a college themed shoot...I think next time will be prom inspired since we never did that either...I know...so deprived I tell you!!!;)

Ahhh gosh I love my life...I seriously today have just been soooo thankful for everything God has given me and everyone He's blessed me with! I love you all!!!
PS...I have WAY more to post about...my cousins concert, my trip to Denver that I JUST got back from...so exciting!! :)


Heather Paulsen said...

My 3 1/2 year old is standing here while I logged on to Google reader. I was looking at your post and the last picture and said, "Is she scared of something?" Then he said, "Are your friends just in the computer?"


Is that cool black kitchen your pad?

jamiedelaine said...

I love your blogs girlie. Miss you! Glad you are having so much fun, I love reading about it--even though I've seen most of these pictures through random facebook tags, y'know. ;)

Cait said...

Ah Sarah. I LOVE YOU! I love hearing about your awesome life; how God is blessing you; how you're living to the fullest. Thank you for sharing. Funny: When the second pic of you and Lauren came up Mom says "Whoa, who's the gorgeous one with Sarah?" "Mom, it's Lauren Barlow... From Barlow Girls." *sighs* Good times.

Sooo good to talk with you last night! I get so excited when ever I talk with you; you're enthusiasm is just infectious! Love you!

Karen (Mikols) Bonar said...

awwwwww.....living alone can be SO lonely!

To offset my lonesome nights, I got a cat ... better suited to the life of this traveling photographer than a puppy.

nina said...

sounds like you had a REALLY WONDERFUL time!! you're so lucky you get to go all over the place with your friends and cousins (sometimes). all my cousins live all over Europe and across the country.... :(

Well, keep on having the time of your life!! :) :) :)