Sunday, October 05, 2008


I've been in Stockbridge, Massachusetts since Thursday for a wedding that I had out here! This area is called the Berkshires and it is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! The pace of life is perfect small country town style....and everything looks like it hasn't been touched since the 1800s! It's adorable! I seriously feel like I should be wearing some big hoopskirt dress or something! lol!
The wedding I shot today was seriously amazing and I'll post more about that tomorrow or Monday...but here are some shots from around town and around the place I'm staying...which is totally the hub of the town...people just lounge around the main area and drink wine by a wood burning
This place called the the Red Lion Inn apparently has been here since 1773! Crazy!
It's so funny because whenever I shoot a destination wedding I seriously have NO clue where I'm going or where I am...I actually thought I was going to be by the ocean only to find out it's like 3 hours away...ha! I got in late Thursday night to Connecticut, flipped on my gps and drove down a pitch black highway for an hour and a half! Thank God the gps worked the whole time...otherwise I would have had to sleep with the bears or something!
Here are some detail shots of the area! SOOO gorgeous! I want to come back here again SOON! It's amazing!
I'm actually here by myself..which is fun as most of the town has consisted of the retired and elderly...and then me! I feel a little out of place...but I have had so much awesome time with God! It's fun!

Here are details from my room...which actually doesn't have a bathroom...the about 15 rooms on my floor share a bathroom which is an adventure...I guess in the olden days things were a little different! lol!
I just sat and read for hours yesterday at a little hole in the wall restaurant down the street...ahh life as it should be!Here is the pool area at the Red Lion...SOOO beautiful with is being chilly out and all the fall colors around and a warm tempting hot tub! Nothing can beat! :)I just love my job more and more!! Getting to see places that I wouldn't normally just go to or even know about and experience so many different cultures even just in America! :)


nina said...

hey! i live in MA. there are a lot of old houses around where i live from the Revolutionary war ( i think). plus Louisa May Alcott's house. so, ya. pretty exciting...:)

nina said...

i just saw the pic of the bed on the patio! that's unusual...

Bekah said...

That has got to be one amazing place!!

And I noticed it too, nina. odd.

jamiedelaine said...

Ah, are you trying to KILL me? I would pay an abnormal amount of money to be able to miss school (and not miss any lectures) and fly to the East Coast right now. And sit in hole-in-the-wall restaurants with a book. In the Autumn. With some green tea. Maybe. With a little honey. Perfect.

I'm glad you are having such an awesome time!!!

Morgan Matters said...

Sarah!!! Did you know 2 summers ago I worked for the company that owns all the rights to Norman Rockwell paintings!!?? Crazy huh!!??

Looks like such a cute town - tell me alllllllll about it :)

Can't wait to see Nashville!