Friday, October 10, 2008

Lea & Jose ::: Wedding

The main reason I was out in Massachusetts and Connecticut this past week was for Lea & Jose's wedding in Stockbridge, MA! I'm shooting more and more destination weddings and am loving it SO much! Getting to see the world and places that I wouldn't even know to go to...I'm now getting to see...and all in the name of "work"! ha! One of Lea & Jose's friends was at a wedding in DC that I shot last year and recommended me to them!! So awesome! I hadn't met them until I got out there for the wedding! It's always interesting going into it when that happens!! As always though... and of clients are INCREDIBLE!
These two were so much fun, Lea with her amazing love for all things food and Jose for his constant caring and love for Lea! I loved to see it! The wedding was in a small old stone church tucked away in some trees....the reception was at an incredible Bed and Breakfast called the Taggart House... I want to live there! Ahh! Everything turned out SO beautiful...especially with the help of Jessica Herberger, the wedding coodinator!! It's AMAZING what a difference having a coordinator makes! This was such a dream wedding...all the details, the food, the people, the marriage! Lea & Jose, God bless your future together!! I LOVED being able to be a part of your day!!
Check out the pictures!

Lea getting the first glimpse of her BEAUTIFUL flowers, Jose looking all ready to get married:)

I LOVE this shot of her dad wait for her inside the church.
This was my favorite little guy, John....he definitely made my day with his talk about how BORED he was and that is was more fun to be bored than to be a ring!

Lea actually wanted a picture of EVERYONE at her wedding which I thought was brilliant! Thankfully it was a manageable number! :)

I know I've used this song LUCKY before by Jason Mraz...but I just HAD to use it again on Jose and Lea's show as they picked out this song for their first dance after seeing it in one of my shows! Sooo special!! :)


emma jean said...

John is a cutie!!

nina said...

the little boy John is SO adorable!!! great shots sarah! :)

Stacy Cross said...

Hey Sarah! Those first two pictures are my favorites - they are so special!