Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Haven!

I got back on Wednesday from New Haven, CT....I headed down there after the wedding to visit my INCREDIBLE friends Justin and Mary Marantz...who I did the Spread the Love workshop with back in April! We got together to plan the next step in taking this workshop to the next level and I'm SUPER excited about what we've come up with! Can't wait to share more! These two though, I'm ALWAYS astounded with....just at the point that I don't think I could be more inspired or challenged more I do! There is just something in them that pulls that out! It's amazing....and something I know is going to make all their endevors explode to levels they could never even imagine! BTW...Check out their new blogsite that they just realeased! It's SO Justin and Mary:)
Anyways...we spent about 2 and a half days planning, chilling on computers, eating AMAZING food and watching movies...what could be more perfect?? We also did one thing that I've ALWAYS wanted to do....visit Yale University! Mary actually graduated from Law School there so she was the little tour guide for the day! It was a very movie like experience!
On Wednesday morning before heading back to Nashville I also did a band shoot out in New Haven and Yale for a new up coming band!! I'll share more about that SOON! :)
-Here are some pics of Yale...the big door on the scary building on the top right is of the Skull and Bones Society...the creepy secret society that 3 presidents have come out of...CRAZY!-

Justin and Mary!! I love you both so much! Thank you for letting me stay at your AMAZING B&B!!! ;)Here is the Connecticut welcome sign next to their state flag;)


nina said...

i love the two pictures of the lighthouse! those are great photos. :)

Mary Marantz said...

yay!! we had SO much fun with you and miss you SO much already!! Skull & bones society...I don't know what you're talking about. I know nothing about it. Really I don't! :)