Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 - 5 years packed into one!

Happy New Years!! I hope you all had an incredible year last year!
I definitely did! I would have to say the 3 words that sum up this last year would be: Adventurous, Exhilarating, and Trying.
By God's amazing help I accomplished alot of my goals and more! Here are some of the highlights!
-Shot 20 weddings for some of the most incredible couples ever but maybe I'm just biased;)
-Helped shoot the Fox Emmy award party in Beverly Hills with the amazing Bob Davis.
-Second shot with my hero Jeremy Cowart, pictures were featured in Barlowgirl's album artwork and in CCM Magazine.
-One of my weddings was featured in BRIDES Chicago magazine.
-I was able to travel to: Wisconsin(3 times), Tennessee(3 times), Florida, Dominican Republic, Michigan(2 times), California, Connecticut, New York, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Georgia, Indiana(3 times), Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.
-Trained up a total of 7 "interns" in photography.
-Started up a young women's group at our church with 15 girls and a small group mentoring 7 of them.
-Lost 14lbs in a month and a half!! Now to keep it off is the key! lol!
-Am no longer a teenager!! Woo Hoo! lol;)
What a whirlwind year! I definitely felt like I never stopped once! Except for my little retreats that I try to take(and am going to take WAY more often!) haha!
I looked back at my goals for the past year, to see what I had accomplished... and I accomplished alot but not as much as I wanted to. So this year I did the same thing but broke each goal up and added BABY STEPS to them so that I could actually know how to accomplish them and put a due date on them all so that I know when I need to accomplish it by!! I hope next January I can say that I accomplished waaaay more than this past year....I hope I'll have time to sleep in between then though! lol!
Here is a little recap slide show from the past year....I just grabbed pics off my blog and it was so fun seeing everything we did! I didn't realize so much could happen in one year! :)
I was blessed by SOOOO many of you and love you all more than you could ever know!! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Kevin Keith said...

You had a great year. Thanks for sharing. I hope this year is ten times as good as the last one for you.

Heather Paulsen said...

What a fun year you've had! Did you have 14 pounds to lose ;-)

You've got a fun life!

I don't have time to watch the photo slide show, but I will...because I LOVE your pictures!


jamiedelaine said...

Wow. You have accomplished SO much. I'm so excited for a new year, God is going to bless you abudantly. Congratulations on all your accomplishments like losing 15 pounds (not an easy feat--I've been there sister!) and creating a mentoring group. You are influencing so many lives. (P.S. I accidentally posted this on another entry...haha!)

BethLaurren said...

umm yes. I love you. I want the photos of us girls from the model shoot day!! And the ones of us from weddings.....

See you tomorrow chica!!

Gloria said...

You have accomplished so much!
I love ur photos!!!
Awesome song on the slideshow!
FF5 Rawks!

Heart Cry... said...

Wow! That's a lot of stuff to get done...but it was a WHOLE YEAR. lol!

It is so true that a lot happens in a year! For me, last January I never would have guessed I'd be living on the mission field in Guatemala in a year! But here I am, and I can see how God has allowed me to do so much this past year. I'm looking forward to all He has in store for this year!

I'm looking forward to hearing what He continues to do in your let's keep in touch. =)
Love you!

joy. said...

miss you, love. :) i think the best part of being such a great photographer is how documented your life will be! so fantastic! most people have to hunt for even just one picture of say, their great great grandmother. your great great grandkids will be able to say: and here she is with a cat on her back... and here she is in front of a book shelf... and here she is in a cornfield... :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Kevin! Thank you so much! I hope I will have enough sleep throughout the year to accomplish it all! haha!

Heather! Actually when I met you I had already lost the 14 lbs. but I still have 15 more to go! Yikes! hehe! It's fun to do though:)

Sarah Barlow said...

Jamie! Thank you so much! God is the one...he is just amazing at how he works and equipts us! I'm so excited to see the giant leaps that you make in the next year too!

Gloria! Thanks alot! YES Family Force 5 is AMAZING!

Sarah Barlow said...

Rebecca! Wow. Yeah, no kidding! God has done SO much through you this past's UHmazing! ;)

I'm so excited to hear what you accomplish this year in all your globe trotting and world changingness. LOVE YOU!

Oh Joy! I really miss you! HAHA. Yeah, my great great grandkids will have instead of photo albums though...external hardrives to sort through! Yikes! LOL! Love you so much!