Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun times!!!!!!!

Ok....Sooo I have a ton of fun announcements coming up in the next couple weeks that I'm super super excited about! The first one I'll be announcing this next week!! We decided to put together a little teaser for it.....;) CLICK HERE for the sweetest little teaser and look out on here in the next week for what it's all about!!! I'll give you a little hint...I get to work with some of the most amazing people in the industry for this one....and it obviously has something to do about LOVE! :) Check it out!

I'm heading out in a couple minutes for 2 weeks in Colorado!! Oh, how excited am I to FINALLY get a real vacation! The first day a couple of my friends and I will be volunteering for Volunteers of America and doing a photoshoot for their different projects! I'm really excited about that...because sometimes we can get SO focused on ourselves that we HAVE to take the time to invest it back into others! :) After that...we'll be heading to Vail for a couple days for some R&R, then I'll be heading to Colorado Springs for a couple days! Ahh! I will post more hopefully when I'm out there! I love you all and don't forget to look at that little teaser! :)


kristen leigh photography said...

I hope you have such a wonderful time in Colorado!!! You deserve a break!

I heart you :)

ps. i know what your teaser is... hehehe

abigail smith said...

I know that it will be an amazingly fun time and I hope you that you have some real R&R! Have a fabulous time!!!

Love ya!

Heather Paulsen said...

Have fun in Colorado!

Good teaser....hummm!


Natalie Joy said...

haha you must really want people to watch that! you linked it 3 times!!!

Sarah Renée said...

Kristen took the words right outta me:

I <3 you Sarah!

J@KE said...

Well I'm lost.... I know nothing about your teaser no matter how many times you link it but I really hope you have total funness on your break... See you when you get back...


Mary Marantz said...

LOVE it!! can't wait!!

hope you guys have a blast in Colorado!! say hi to everyone!


grasmick said...

Have a great time in Colorado!

Morgan Matters said...

Wait! I do not know your teaser.... Kristen tell me! :)