Friday, December 28, 2007

Time flies like Santa Claus.

Ahh! What an amazing Christmas! I can't believe I'm just posting about it now...but everything of course seems to speed up even more than you ever thought possible AFTER the fact!
We had a wonderful little Christmas eve party with a couple families and did one of my favorite pastimes ever...singing together with the guitars. I don't think I've ever heard more beautiful Christmas Carols! :) *unfortunately I don't have any pics from that...but here are some of Olivia and JuliAnna modeling their Christmas gifts from me:)
Christmas morning we woke up far to early...but of course you can't fall back asleep once you've woken up...especially on this morning! We always crowd at the top of the stairs waiting for the ok to run and get our stockings(which usually ends up being our *VERY unhealthy* breakfast. lol!
The older I get the more that presents really aren't as HUGE of a deal as when I was little and I really didn't want more stuff, so I told people not to get me anything;) lol...but of course they had got stuff to re-do my room and my favorite new pair of shoes Uggs(pure heaven I might add).
After all the gift exchanging and watching one of the gifts(Bourne Ultimatum; AMAZINGNESS!!) we headed up to my cousins house for our first Christmas at their new house! It was WONDERFUL and we didn't end up leaving until 2am - entertained by playing the wii, watching Mission Impossible and playing a crazy new game called "would you rather?" so it proved to be a Christmas WELL spent!! I hope you all had an amazing holiday and took some time to remember the true meaning of it;)
Love you all!


Morgan Matters said...

aweeeeee Merry Christmas Barlow Family!

BethLaurren said...

I'm so glad you had such a great Christmas!

Gloria said...

I'm so glad u & ur family had an awesome Christmas!!!
Hope New Years rawks!!!

jamiedelaine said...

Looks like a blast. UGGS "ARE" pure heaven, I'm totally with you sister. I've had a pair of Sketcher (knock-off) Uggs for five years. They still fit like a glove. I wear them almost everyday from September-March. Enjoy yours! P.S. I knew you had a lot of brothers and sisters, but I didn't know you had 7 kids in your family! That's awesome; like the Sound of Music.

Heather Paulsen said...

Fun times!

Tori said...

merry (late!) Christmas! looks like you had a good one! :) your photography is awesome! how do you make the slide shows you use to show photoshoots?

Ginger Murray said...

That is a beautiful family photo! What a huge family! How lucky that you will always have people to play games with:)
I'm an only child, so I made my own fun a lot--But I enjoy having sibs now to play games with! (Sibling-in-laws!)

Aaron and I watched the Bourne Ultimateum(did I spell that right?) too!! Agreed-- Totally awesome.