Sunday, January 27, 2008

Room to breathe...

This past week has been wonderful!! From helping out with Volunteers of America to Skiing in Vail to sitting in a steaming hot tub at night looking out at the mountains to sitting in pajamas talking about dreams and goals with some of my most amazing friends! It's been good for the soul:) I'm now out in Colorado Springs visiting some of our family's best friends, Schlyce and Brian and their adorable little daughter Lily. Schlyce and Brian's wedding was the 2nd wedding that I ever shot so they have a close place in my heart from that but even more so in the way that they dream and think and challenge me to come up higher! And literally too.... staying in their gorgeous new home on the foothills of Pike's Peak it's beautiful! I don't have internet on my computer because it is acting up for some reason so I'll have to post pictures once I get home on Wednesday...but I'm excited because I don't have cell service either so this will be a true retreat:) Which I definitely need!
Tonight, I met up with my new friend Sara Lazio for some Starbucks and we talked for a couple hours which is wonderful!! That is one of THE major perks of my job is getting to meet incredible people all around the world! She's so sweet too because she heard I like hot chocolate, from the post the other day, she bought me a SWEET hot chocolate pot! So I can be in heaven whenever I want!! :)
PS..I didn't take either picture(thank God for Google!) because I'm not on my own computer...I'll post real ones soon! :)
**Spellcheck courtesy of Natalie:)**


Mary Marantz said...

oooh that hot chocolate maker looks AWESOME!!


Heather Paulsen said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful week! I lived in Colorado for a year and I LOVED it!!