Saturday, September 09, 2006


Liana, Me, Shyla
Amy Nave, Amber Holritz, Me, Jessica Claire
The David Jay(above)
(below)Regis Chen aka Sarah Barlow and Sarah Barlow aka Regis Chen...hehe!!!! I just flew in last night from California! I went to LA for a conference put on by my lab Pictage :) It was absulutely incredible and I can't wait to start making some awesome changes to my business!!! Yeah!! I flew in on Tuesday night and had dinner with a couple of my friends then joined in on the big OSP party!! It was great! And I met so many awesome photographers!!
On Wednesday and Thursday was the conference and it was packed FULL of incredible workshops put on by some of my great friends!! Including: DJ, Mike Colon, Jessica Claire, Liana Lehman, Nathan and Amber Holritz, Davina Fear, and Dan Watkins!! It was seriously amazing! The best part of all though was the "networking" :) We had such a blast going out dinner, staying up until all hours of the night talking(and laughing), and soaking in the hot tub! I'm sooo blessed to be in this amazing industry, 1: because it so incredibly fun and I'm doing what I love, 2: because of the people that are in it with me are some of the most amazing people I've met! I love you all!! :) Ps. Thank you everyone who took these pictures!! I need to work on my photography bringing my camera!! hehe!!


Debbie Garon said...

Ok first off I*m soooo glad ur back and second off I*m soooo glad ur back!! lol I am very happy u love ur newly painted office! It*s been hard keeping it a secret!! I love you!! See ya 2morro @ church!

Shyla said...

You made those pics look cooler with your snazzy borders ;)

Aw Sarah Love... Do you know how wonderful you are?? I cant wait to spend more time with you an a few short weeks!!!!!

Liana said...

Ahh...that hauut tub! So glad we got to hang in Cali again - really enjoyed the hot tub chats - keep on doing what you're doin girl (and really who cares about bringin the cam... I mean isn't that what's so great about hanging w/so many photographers?? someone's always got a cam handy :) :) )

Captivating Studios said...

It looks like everyone had a blast!! Can't wait to meet you and hang in Chattanoogna!!

Holritz Photography said...

So glad that we could see you again last week! Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future!


c r y s t a l said...

I heart you, Sarah Barlow!!!!!! I can't wait to see you again, girl!!!