Friday, September 01, 2006

Six Flags!!

Yesterday, was such a blast!! We went to Great America!!
We hooked up with some of our friends and were able to go on TONS of rides almost too many!! LOL! It was homeschool day where some homeschool group rents out the whole park so there are like NO lines!!! It's incredible!!
Here is the slideshow:

Also, it was my parents 21st wedding anniversary yesterday too!!! I'm sooooooo proud of them!!! They are such great examples for my brothers and sisters and I! At the end of the day we all stood up on this stage and sang them a happy anniversary song!! It was so cute!!! hahaha!!!!! As their gift I'm giving the 11% off a Sarah Anne Photography photoshoot!!! LOL!! Jk;)
Have an awesome weekend!!


Glenda, saved by grace said...

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One Blank Canvas said...

Man Sarah... Looks like you had fun! I wish I still lived in Nor Cal so I could have met ya!

I think one of my parents friends go to that conference... They also have a large family with 7 kids... Where was the conference???

Hope you have fun at PartnerCon!

J@KE said...

That's soooo wierd because Sept. 1 is my parent's 32nd wedding anniversary. So yah I'm totally freakin' out right now.