Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dream Wedding!!!

WOW!!!! So I just got back from a VERY full weekend!! It was seriously one of the most amazing weekends ever! It went by so fast and was like a dream!
My best friend Joy got married yesterday to her fiance Pete and it was without a doubt the most perfect wedding and almost exactly how I want my wedding to be! Everything went off without a hitch thanks to her wedding planner/bridesmaid Beth Lange! Wow!
The rehearsal dinner was beyond amazing! Every little thing was planned so awesome! It was outside under the stars at the same place the wedding was(Joy and Pete's youth groups leader's house!!) after dinner everyone gathered around their pond and Pete got baptized, by his dad and youth pastor!! It was so awesome with the tiki torches lit and all his family, friends, and future wife there it was priceless! Afterwards we watched a little video projected on a sheet hanging from the porch, about what Pete and Joy will be doing in the future(they are becoming missionaries)!! WOW! So incredible!
Well I'm tired and have so much more to write about but I'll post all about the wedding plus the slideshow hopefully tomorrow!!! :)
Good night!!


Natalie said...

Yep!! That wedding was a blast!!!!
Soooooo cute!!!!!

Natalie said...

Oh and great pics too!!!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for being an integral part of a fairy-tale weekend.

It WAS beautiful!

And I'm very eager to see the pics...I'm on a first-name basis now with the Walmart 1-hr photo people. Getting my disposable stuff developed. BTW, did you see Jake's reaction when I asked him to shoot one w/my disposable? He looked like I'd asked him to denounce his family or something equally dreadful.

Becky (the LOVELY bride's mama)

Sarah Renée said...

OHHH WOW!!! That's so amazing!!! AHH!! HAHAHA, I don't even have words to describe how awesome their wedding sounds from your blog!! Sooooo cool...send my love and congratulations over to Joy and Pete!

Sarah Renée said...
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SamTheMan said...

Hey Sarah,

These colors are WONDERFUL! You have just gotten too good! ;-)