Monday, June 06, 2011

Sarah & John ::: Wedding

Last weekend I headed to Chicago to shoot Sarah & John's wedding! The day turned out so beautiful, despite the rain we were able to find some great places to shoot! Probably the best part of the day was when they told me that the church that the wedding was being held at was the same place that Sarah's grandparents were married years ago...they had booked the church not even knowing that! What a perfect coincidence!
Sarah and I grew up together, so being able to be a part of her wedding day was so special and the fact that she found such an awesome guy who compliments her so perfectly couldn't make me happier!! It was absolutely beautiful to see the family and friends all come together even all the way from Italy to celebrate the day! Here is a slideshow of the day ***CLICK HERE*** and some of the favorites below.


Maximillian said...

Great job as usual with these, Sarah. :)

Forgive me if I already asked and you answered, but what photography gear do you use? Obviously, the equipment doesn't make the photographer, but I'm just curious to see what various professional portrait photographers use (I'm guessing the 5D MkII and 24-70 f/2.8L is a combination many use).

Sarah Barlow said...

Heyy! Thanks so much!! I use the Canon 5d and a 50mm f1.8, a 17-40mm f4, and the 70-200mm f2.8 IS. I hope that helps!! :)

Maximillian said...

You're welcome and thanks for answering my question. :)

I'd like to be able to upgrade to something like a 60D, 7D, 5d MkII, etc. sometime, especially since I'd like to start a photography business in the near future (and of course I want to get some L lenses, a Speedlite and more)
My XS really felt like a toy after using my grandfather's MkII with battery grip and 70-200 f/4L for a week...

Sorry for rambling; I just hope I'll be able to become as skilled at portrait photography as you and your friend Kristen and many others soon, or I don't know if I'll have enough confidence in my abilities to want to start a photography business of my own.

By the way, I take it BarlowGirl's official photos were taken by you?