Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The interns ::: April 2010

Back in April I once again headed to Chicago...I know I know...pretty much every post here lately is heading to Chicago...but I still work a lot up there as well;) Plus it's nice to be able to spend time with my family while there as well!
I have been doing wedding internships which is the same internship that I have been teaching for the past several years but minimized into 4 days and based around shooting a wedding. So many of the past interns had come out again after the longer internships to shoot weddings with me so I figured why not combine it and make it more personal just having two girls at a time? It has worked so well that way! Even though it is a JAM packed couple of days it is so much fun and as always getting to know these girls on a much more personal level makes it that much more exciting! We shot Esther and Dave's wedding which I posted back a few posts ago then spent the rest of the time developing their brands, photography skills, and biz savvy. So great! Plus we had the internship at my family's house so of course my fam of 9 adopted these two as there own and didn't want them to leave!
Even when I went back last week my little sisters were asking about these girls! I love them!

Amanda Megan Miller
Amanda has such a passion to learn and grow that I loved to see. Originally having an art major and not really wanting to get into "this" type of photography as it was usually looked down upon in the art world she realized she had such a passion to capture people and real emotion rather than bare landscapes. I think she chose so well as she is so gifted with people already and has such a beautiful heart that drawing out people's real sides I'm sure will be no hard task! Plus she just released an incredible new brand and site so check it out at the link above!!

Sarah Pence
Ahh Sarah...I actually met her several months before the internship at her dad's chiropractors office. I had heard all about her through her dad and then to finally get to meet her and talk photography was a treat! She is so so precious and has one of the sweetest spirits I know. I love that really every little thing she has learned she has taken and run with it. Even once she got to the internship she had applied the few things we had talked about at our first meeting. I love it. She has quite the eye as well and surprised me at her skill especially justtt starting out! She is going to go far I know...and I can't wait to see how she thrives in this art!

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Amanda said...

Awww, yay! Miss you gals! I'm telling you...September, I am coming to visit! :)