Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today was what some might consider too overwhelming to handle, glorious, yet lonely. I'm feeling vibrant tonight for no apparent reason and decided to do a more personal blog than usual... which is what I used to do back in the old days of this blog but have since gotten away from it due to quick blogs...aka twitter and facebook.

SO. I started the day with wanting to go on a hike.
I have to get out of this place and go on adventures a lot more than I do. It brings out a side of me that I've just been discovering and wanting to live out a ton more.

Well after picking out part of my outfit I realized that most of my clothes are in my car...due to the fact that allllll that I own is in my car and storage unit from my travel sabbatical and since I'm staying with one of my friends I have to use the car as a sort of closet. ha! After walking outside real quick to figure out if I dropped my keys out there(I couldn't find them anywhere inside) I turned around to discover I had locked myself out of my friends house! OH SNAP!

No keys to my car. No house keys. No wallet(I left it at my friends house accidently). And best of all in my pajamas. BUT I had my iphone thankfully. After sitting outside trying to get ahold of my friend at work and talking to everyone else on the phone to kill time I finally realized that this is a life that millions of people live each day. Just the clothes on my back. No car. No money. No house. And all the time in the world. I enjoyed it for a while. Simple nothingness.

After getting everything figured out thanks to my amazing friends, rides to places and borrowed cars. I was able to get back to my STUFF. All of it.

Later on I met up with my best friend to go for a hike and during it we talked about whimsy. About never ever ever ever ever wanting to grow up. About building tree-houses. Having a baby deer for a pet. Sleeping under the stars. And throwing tea parties with big hats. Yes to all of the above. Yes. After the hour hike of my soul being completely rejuvenated I was ready to fly again.

We said goodbye then headed home to my other best friends... we talked about how much we had missed each other and the insanity of the day. Laughing. She called it a night in. I have to be out. Always. With people. Non stop.

Tonight was a bit different though as everyone had work or plans. So. Sushi and Elle magazine for one. This is NOT me. Not a bit. It's like taking a piece of cake from a 5 year old. Not fun. Nor desirable. But it was absolutely beautiful for some reason.

Maybe I'm heat stricken from being outside too much today and my mind is turned upside down but it was perfect. The conversation about new adventures with the guy who works at the coffee shop and free drink. To now just feeling so full. Full of life. For absolutely no apparent reason except deciding to.
With all my heart.

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Emma Leigh said...

I love you so much, Sarah! and I love this post so much :) Sometimes you just have to step back, and change your normal routine, and you learn to appreciate so much more!

You're beautiful! and so is Marisha :) miss you ladies