Monday, September 20, 2010

Jennifer & Steve ::: Engagement

Jenny and I hit it off about 15 years ago or so...sounds like not that long ago but when you're only 23 it adds up. Our parents got together one day after church for lunch or something and we roller bladed in her basement. I don't really remember knowing her that much before that...but after that we hung out a ton! Had tea parties, our mom's switched up teaching different homeschool classes to us and we had times that we we probably never even talked...just laughed most of the time! We've stayed in touch even after all these years...and I was sooo excited when she called me one day saying she was dating this guy and it could really go somewhere!! I couldn't believe it! What we had always talked and dreamed about for years was actually happening to her! I was so excited to meet him and when I finally did...definitely approved. He ADORES Jenny to the every guy should take lessons from him. She picked a good well as did he;) Love you Jenny!! Can't wait for your wonderful new future together with your very Mr. Right! Check out the pics that they modeled at the last internship for!
Ps. I know it says Jennifer at the top...and that is what she goes by now...but I have always known her as Jenny so that's what she'll always be known to me as;) hehe!

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fancysarah said...

OMG - love these pics, Congratulations Jenny!!! I almost didn't recognize beautiful and grown up. I wish you guys the best :)