Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Back during the last internship I was thinking through who I should have model for the test shoot... well having the internship in Chicago it made my decision super easy: my sister!! I think she gets prettier every minute...it's kinda stupid...hahah. Plus her being an amazing model in general made the shoot probably too easy for the new interns...haha..but we had perfect light and outfits that day so how could you pass it up?
Can't believe I still remember holding Natalie when she was justttt born...it feels like last week! I'm so glad we have become best friends now, she's one of the most amazing and wisdom filled people that I know.
Check out some of my favorites from the shoot.


Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

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samarah said...

wow! what a beauty! you are a very lucky sister ;)

Emma Leigh said...

LOOOOVE the one of her standing on the bench! What a doll!

Christine said...

heck yeah she's pretty. no effing fair.
and what is with her always standing on benches?! lol.
i looooove, freaking adore that last picture.<3 it holds so much mystery and intrique. love it.<3
i'd kill to be model perfect.

Mental Origami said...

Proof that HD looks better than real life.

The Miz said...

These are exquisite!