Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Okkkk so I was a little jealous...

So last week a TON of my friends all headed out to Vegas for a huge photography conference called WPPI...I unfortunately couldn't go because of lots of things going on here in leaving for the Dominican Republic while it was going on!
A whole bunch of my past interns all met up and roomed together for the week and I was so very sad that I couldn't be with them and all their craziness! Several of them had never met and I knew they would hit it off great...well apparently they did cause two of them...Jamie Delaine and Kristen Leigh had an interview together by Andrew and Adam Smith! It's a brilliant after watching it and wishing I was friend Alicia and I decided to do a little parody of it just so we could at least feel a little bit like we were there...check out their video and then ours! I know I know...we should really be actresses...EVERYONE tells me...;)

Jamie Delaine & Kristen Leigh: WPPI from Andrew PC Smith on Vimeo.


Cassidy Brooke said...

Hahaha. You guys crack me up. Seriously.

Anabella said...

Every time that i watch the video more i like it and i laugh!!... the parody is AWESOME... you and Alicia are terrifics actrisses!
1 thing i don't understand ... Sarah what did you said in "spanish"?( gracias por la ...¿what?) .. hahaha!
i can't stop LOL!! ;)

Christi Ann Photography said...

Omgsh. This was WAY to funny!! Andrew was supposed to interview me and Cait..but he never did. This was very sad. lol, anyway! This made my night! :)

jamiedelaine said...

I'm famous. I'm famous. I'm famous. And I miss you with my whole heart. Promise me you'll schedule me in to Skype in March okay? Been too long.


ashley said...

aaah! this is awesome! fav fav fav line:
"because you are aaaaaawesooome!!"

hahahaha. laughing everytime!
"gracias por la mealy-o!" bahahaah!

Cait said...

Wow. I LOVE you! I love this amazing parody... you're def. amazing my friend. I missed you terribly when I watched this. Also, one day I will be famous like James.