Friday, February 06, 2009

THE Interns 2009

Wellll it's finally that time of year! After a week of working on the site(which btw was SO fun to make with Showitsites!!), months of planning out what I want to do, and years of learning photography. It's finally ready for you!!
I really more excited about this program than pretty much anything else right now. It's truly my passion to see others come into their full purpose and to see how they walk that out is one of the most fulfilling things ever! I have developed some of the best friendships over the years from this program I wish I could do it all the time! Soooo I present...The
I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to see what amazing times and new friends this year holds!!

PS...if you have already submitted your life story re-apply on the register page....just write in the story part that you already sent! :)

PSS... last year the program filled up in a day. Don't be left behind!!! :)


jamiedelaine said...

Filled up in a day last year? Oh my goodness! I didn't know I was so lucky to get in!!!! P.S., there is a super ugly photo of me in that collage.

Very left row. Third from the bottom. Looks like I'm about to spit at you. I wasn't really. I do like you Sarah Barlow, I do like you a lot.

Victoria said...

WOW SARAH!!!!!! AMAZING JOB!!! I love the intern website!! so awesome! you never fail when it comes your amazing creativity!!! you never fail a anything!!! LOve u so much!!!!! Hope you have an amazing summer with these interns!!

Heather said...

very nice job girl! all that work turned to an awesome website!

Cassidy Brooke said...


Samantha F. said...
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Samantha F. said...

HOLY COW!!! Why do I suddenly feel like an internship with you will cure even the common cold?! Why weren't we informed of this sooner?!! HAND ME A CAMERA!!!

Hahahaha! GREEEEEEEEEEAT ad slideshow, Sarah! Very energetic, very dynamic, very YOU!

(And Jamie, tu es muy LOCA! You don't look like you're going to spit at her... More like you're pretending to enjoy your coffee! Lol, just teasing!)

|| davidjay || said...

Whoa! This site is freaking awesome! You rock!