Monday, December 29, 2008


Well....I decided I should finally post about one of the loves of my life...TWITTER! I have been "Twittering" now for awhile and absolutely love can probably blame this love of mine for the major lack of posts on this blog! That is now my mini blog where I post about different fun or normal things that are going on in my day! I post about 3 times a day or so just 150 characters from my phone or's EASY. Which is definitely what I need right now!! Sooo if there is ever a major lul on this blog and you are wondering where the heck I am...just look on the left sidebar of this blog under the Twitter section and there I am! Still alive! :) You can also follow me at and get your own too so I can follow YOU! :) YAY!

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Heather said...

love me some twitter!!!